Wellness Innovated

Graduate Programs

Wellness Innovated

Master of Business Administration


Our goal is to ensure our students are Parker Prepared. This mission takes our Master of Business Administration degree beyond the standard curriculum into an intensive and innovative program that readies students for success.

Functional Nutrition


A challenging and creative learning environment with an intensive program of study that is evidence-based and focuses on nutritional biochemistry and its application in health maintenance, treatment of disease, and disease prevention.

Clinical Research


The Master of Science in Clinical Research is an extensive program of study and research experience designed for researchers and health professionals that plan to oversee clinical trials as investigators, study coordinators, and site managers. The curriculum provides students with a comprehensive understanding of clinical research methodology, biostatistics, research ethics, and regulatory principles.

Pediatric Musculoskeletal Health and Performance


The Master of Science in Pediatric Musculoskeletal Health and Performance is designed for current and future health professionals seeking to expand their knowledge and skills in the evaluation, assessment, and interventions related to musculoskeletal concerns in the pediatric population.

Public Health


Public health practitioners are prepared to plan, implement, and evaluate programs designed to meet the health needs of populations. This program provides students with field experience and an opportunity to apply their knowledge through the Applied Practice Experience and the Integrative Learning Experience.

Strength and Human Performance


The degrees in Strength and Human Performance provides an expansive study of evidenced-based research in physiology, biomechanics, and human metabolism to enhance health, function, and physical performance. The masters program prepares graduates for advanced graduate work in research and for professionals in a health-related field to enhance their knowledge and application of exercise science. The bachelors degree in Strength and Human Performance is a pre-professional degree program to prepare students for entrance to graduate degree programs in Chiropractic, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and Sports Medicine.

Clinical Neuroscience (residency available)

Online/On Campus

The Master of Science in Clinical Neuroscience is designed for learners who already possess a bachelor’s degree or higher. The curriculum will include courses in human neurobiology, the management of specific neurological disorders, harm prevention, professional communications, and emerging themes in the clinical neurosciences. All courses will be taught by experts with a Ph.D. or equivalent terminal degree in the relevant domain, or a professional degree plus an advanced qualification in a relevant domain (e.g., a fellowship or graduate degree). The elective Clinical Residency course will expose students to complex cases not typically seen in community-based primary care practices, such as traumatic brain and spinal cord injuries, paraplegia and the sequelae to limb amputations. The degree program will prepare graduates for positions in healthcare and healthcare education where they would function as clinicians, clinical consultants, and educators.

Master of Occupational Therapy


Parker University’s Master of Occupational Therapy Bridge Program is a specialized hybrid program designed for Certified Occupational Therapy Assistants who want to become Occupational Therapists.  This program is set to start January 2025.