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Library Resource Center
The Library Resource Center of Parker University includes 17 study rooms (each with audiovisual capabilities), two enclosed computer rooms with four printers, media room, anatomical model room, copy room, and an extensive periodical section. The library collection consists of over 16,000 books, archival materials, journals, and other non-book resources such as DVDs, CDs, anatomical models, and online resources. The library is wireless and has LCD panels in five of the study rooms. New resources and library hours are displayed on an LCD panel display in the north building hallway. Handouts are located in the library to assist users with database information. The online catalog is web based and allows library patrons to open an account and view the status and location of resources in the library. Two dedicated computers for searching the catalog are located in the front of the library. The nearly 250 assembly lectures, commencements, and seminars, including those with the founder Dr. James Parker, are available to students of Parker University through DVD. Full-text online publications include Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics, Massage, Alternative and Complementary Therapies, Spine, New England Journal of Medicine, Journal of the American Medical Association, and Journal of Vertebral Subluxation Research. The library also purchases journal packages from Ovid and Elsevier’s College Edition. Library Hours Monday, 6:30am-10pm Tuesday, 6:30am-10pm Wednesday, 6:30am-10pm Thursday, 6:30am-9pm Friday, 6:30am-4pm Saturday, Noon-4pm Sunday, Noon-4pm Library hours are abbreviated during trimester breaks and holidays.
  • Student Development

Student Development

Parker University students with a disability that significantly impairs their functioning in a particular area may be eligible for disability services after completing the eligibility determining process. Many students may have concerns that they are viewed differently if their disability is revealed to those employed in their academic institution. The Americans with Disabilities (ADA) and Rehabilitation Acts were created to protect students from discrimination based solely on their disability. Confidentiality is a top priority of the services offered at Parker and only the director, the student, the instructor, and employees with a legitimate need to know have information pertaining to a disability. Some of the services provided include:

  • Note-Taking Services
  • Classroom Arrangement
  • Board Exam Verification
  • Recording Class Lectures
  • Exam Accommodation

The counseling office provides individual or couples counseling for students and their spouses. This entails a variety of opportunities, including:

  • Academic concerns (e.g., study skills, test-taking anxiety, managing stress)
  • Personal (e.g., self-confidence, social skills, depression, self-esteem)
  • Marital/Couple (e.g., communication skills, conflict resolution, lack of intimacy)
  • Interpersonal difficulties (e.g., parent/family problems, peer conflicts)

Dr. Jacquelyn Elbel
972.438.6932 x7155

Parker University Department of Student Affairs provides many different programs to enhance student development including an activities calendar, career information and resources, community services, housing information, international student services, newsletters, a student discount program, part-time, on-campus employment information, and part-time and full-time employment information for off-campus employment.

The Parker University Department of Student Affairs assists all international students in finding housing and getting settled in the Dallas areas. In keeping with the Parker mission of expanding chiropractic throughout the world, the numbers of current international students at Parker and our graduates represent some 93 foreign countries.

Workshops are available on a variety of topics such as time management, test anxiety, managing relationships, and the importance of getting adequate sleep. Additionally, each student has access to peer tutors at no additional cost to the student.

You know where you want to go, and the Office of Career Services at Parker University knows how to help you get there. Our experience assists you in defining clear goals for the future and outlining the steps necessary to achieve your professional dreams.

In addition to help with national board exams, time management skills, resume writing, interviewing, job searching, business plan samples, and salary information, the Office of Career Services coordinates career fairs each year providing exposure to employers offering careers in chiropractic and massage therapy and the professional opportunities website provides some of the latest offerings for career growth including available associate/employment positions, practices for sale, office lease, and equipment for sale.

Kris Richey
Career Services Coordinator
972.438.6932 x7154