Integrative Health

Bachelor of Science: Online

16% growth rate for community health workers over a 10-year period



Projected employment of 144,100 for health educators and community health workers by 2029 Source



The median annual wage for health education specialists was $55,220 in May 2019.



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Program Information

The Bachelor of Science degree in Integrative Health is an interdisciplinary program that applies a holistic approach to health promotion and disease prevention. The courses provide graduates with an understanding of the human body and the fundamentals of health and disease. The program consists of various scientific disciplines including biology, chemistry, nutrition, anatomy and physiology, prevention and wellness, and herbology. Upon graduation, students are equipped to work in health and wellness industries and are prepared to apply for graduate degree programs in Naturopathic Medicine, Doctor of Chiropractic, Nutrition, Exercise Science, and related health science degrees.



The degree program may be completed in a minimum of 10 terms of instruction and with a maximum satisfactory time frame for completion of 15 terms. The curriculum includes: 31 semester credit hours of general education courses, 27 semester credit hours of lower division required courses, 20 semester credit hours of interdisciplinary studies, and 42 semester credit hours of upper division required courses.

The Bachelor of Science with a Major in Integrative Health requires a minimum of 120 semester credit hours of coursework which are as follows:

  • 31 Credit hours in General Education courses.
  • 27 Credit hours in Lower Division required courses.
  • 20 Credit hours in Interdisciplinary Studies courses.
  • 42 Credit hours in Upper Division required courses.

The Bachelor of Science in Integrative Health program must be completed within 15 terms.


The graduating student will be able to demonstrate:

  1. The analysis and application of current scientific literature related to integrative health.
  2. The application of dietary and lifestyle patterns for health promotion and disease prevention.
  3. The identification and application of medicinal herbs for disease prevention and health maintenance.
  4. Written and oral communication skills


The mission of the Integrative Health program at Parker University is to prepare students to become health educators and to encourage holistic approaches to health promotion and disease prevention.


At Parker, we hold ourselves to higher standards. Through rigorous standards, constant innovation and an impulse to serve, we elevate health care education. Together, we are in the pursuit of higher health.