Thinking About Becoming a Chiropractor? Parker University Urges You to Read This First!

chiropractic education
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chiropractic education

How Do I Become a Chiropractor?

Check out Parker University’s guide to learn the steps it takes to start your career as a chiropractor.

Changing workplaces and job roles mean people are looking for more fulfilling work. Switching to a job as a chiropractor is a great way to help people and know you’re making a difference. By 2030, 1 in every 5 Americans will be of retirement age. An aging population means more people with mobility or health problems. Those people will need the help of a chiropractor. But what does it take to be a chiropractor?

What Does It Take to Become a Chiropractor?

You’ll need to be ready to dedicate yourself to a chiropractic school like Parker University for four years. Learning happens in the classroom and the lab for the first two years. The last two years move into clinics. What skills will you need?

Personal Skills

A fascination in rooting out the causes of medical problems is essential. Chiropractic is about more than merely treating symptoms. You’ll also need to be physically fit yourself. Much of your work will keep you on your feet for large portions of your day. You’ll need a strong stomach because you’ll do a lot of learning from cadavers.

Professional Skills

Chiropractors need to be comfortable dealing with people. They also need to be able to analyze data to recommend courses of treatment. And they need to be confident to change treatment if patients don’t respond.

Academic Skills

Chiropractic is about more than aligning spines. You’ll need to learn about the organic sciences to treat the body in a more holistic way.

How Do I Become a Chiropractor?

You won’t need a DO or MD degree, but you will need a Doctor of Chiropractic (DC) degree.

Not all programs need a bachelor’s degree. Though holding one in science will definitely help. Chiropractic schools prefer students to have a background in pre-med. Check with schools for individual requirements they may have for admissions. You’ll also need to earn your license to be a chiropractor. Don’t worry about this part of the process. It starts when you’re still in school. The first two parts of the national exam happen during your second and third years at school. You’ll do parts three and four after you graduate. Beyond passing exams, your state board can tell you what you need to get your license.

Running a Practice

The beauty of becoming a chiropractor means you get to work for yourself. Specialize in certain types of patients. Or offer particular treatments, like easing lower back pain. Not all school programs cover business management. So, you might also want to check out business programs to help you run your practice. You’ll need to keep on top of changes in your industry to keep your license current. Continuing education (CE) helps make you a better chiropractor, too!

Start with the Right School (a.k.a. Parker University!)

It all starts with the right school and program. In a nurturing environment, you’ll learn all you need to succeed as a chiropractor.

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