Sport Psychology – Head Games with Graham Betchart

Parker University's Sport Psychology Program
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Parker University's Sport Psychology Program

The profession of Sport Psychology is still in its infancy. There is an immeasurable opportunity for every Sport Psychologist to design unique means and methods and advance quickly in the industry. Sport Psychologists love their careers because they have a passion for sports and desire to help others achieve their athletic goals. Sport Psychologists get to live vicariously through their clients, but this isn’t the only appeal of the profession. The work is gratifying, satisfying, and benevolent.

If you’re considering pursuing a career in Sports Psychology, there’s someone you should know about: Graham Betchart. He’s a path-paver and visionary in the world of Sports Psychology. Whether you’re looking for a guru to lean on or want to get an idea of what a Sport Psychologist does, Mr. Betchart is one to watch.

Mr. Betchart is a mental skills coach and has spent more than a decade training the minds of some of the nation’s most elite athletic talent. He has a master’s degree in Sport Psychology and has worked most notably with NBA players, such as NBA all-star Aaron Gordon. Most recently, Mr. Betchart and his team created Lucid, an organization that focuses on mental skills training. Mr. Betchart has branded several training approaches, including the book “Play Present” and his organization Train the Mind.

Mr. Betchart was invited by the NBA Players Association to talk about the importance of honing mental and physical skills at the annual Top 100 camp for high school players. His talk, plus Aaron Gordon’s endorsement, helped him attract other top players. The world of sports is collectively moving towards normalizing psychology as a necessary part of training and dispelling offbeat misconceptions.

The field’s appeal is multi-layered, and Sport Psychology is a growing arena. However, it is also very competitive. Mr. Betchart continues to pave the way for up-and-coming Sport Psychologists, setting an example of how to use your unique education and skillset to build a reputable career. How do you stand out? Like Mr. Betchart, you’ll go further with a bachelor’s degree in Sport Psychology.

At Parker University, you’ll find a comprehensive curriculum. Parker University makes earning your degree faster and easier by providing the course curriculum 100% online! Parker University is recognized as a top school in Health Sciences. Enrolling in the Sport Psychology program could be your first step toward a career as a Sport Psychologist.

Ready for the challenge? Think you have what it takes? Check out everything you need to know about Parker University’s Sport Psychology program here!