Clinical Experience

Parker Chiropractic Students “Walk the Walk”

At Parker University, we innovate by bringing learning experiences to life. We make it our mission to help you succeed through firsthand experience provided by leaders in the field!

Internships have the starring role for DC students, and the practical spot-lit experience helps lead you down the path to a successful career that makes a difference. Having authentic accounts on your resume before graduation puts you ahead of the curve!

About Parker’s Clinical Rotations

Parker University’s comprehensive classroom study is further enhanced by providing focused, practical, and unparalleled real-world exposure. So, in our program, every student learns and works in private practices, health centers, and Veterans Affairs (VA) . This distinct level of firsthand knowledge prepares students for a career in our diverse healthcare field.

Wellness Clinics

Students soak up knowledge in our large-scale university-affiliated clinics working alongside Parker University’s most established DCs. Here at Parker University, students receive hands-on, practical training while learning to care for a diverse patient base.

Irving Chiropractic Clinic
Dallas Chiropractic Clinic

Community-Based Internships (CBI) Program

Parker University’s CBI program offers realistic clinical training in private and public clinics (not affiliated with or owned by Parker University). 

Strive to stand out! What Distinguishes Parker’s Unique CBI Program?

  • This CBI opportunity is available during your final trimester, before graduation, and lasts approximately 15 weeks. 
  • The program strengthens the vital knowledge and skills developed throughout your academic and clinical education.

Our Renowned CBI Programs Include:

  • Practice-Based Internship (PBI) at individual private practice locations in Texas and the U.S.
  • Numerous U.S. Department of VA locations
  • One U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) location (Madigan Army Medical Center, Tacoma, Washington)
  • The Cleveland Clinic Foundation (CCF) (a prestigious nonprofit academic medical center)

The unique mission and purpose of Parker University’s CBI program are to:

  • Provide students with different training sites to expand clinical competencies and learning experiences
  • Offer opportunities to reinforce and strengthen knowledge and skills learned in both academic and clinical education
  • Help grow our students’ confidence
  • Develop industry-ready students upon graduation 

Doctors in our CBI programs are credentialed as Parker University Extension or Affiliate Faculty. CBI doctors are vetted and trained to mentor every Parker University student skillfully. Their documentation efforts are audited to enable students to perform and absorb knowledge at the highest level of medical documentation standards.

CBI Locations

Check out our handy interactive map featuring all the CBI locations available during a Parker University student’s final trimester. All you have to do is click on any location pin to learn about our CBI doctors and view their practice profiles.

Practice-based Internships (PBI) Program

Students are supervised during clinical experiences within a variety of private practices around the D/FW metroplex, within the state of Texas, and most states throughout the U.S. (See our interactive Google map for all our current PBI locations). The PBI is supervised by experienced DCs with experience and verified practice and documentation standards.

With a degree from Parker University, students put their education to use through a wide range of patient presentations in a private practice setting under the guidance and supervision of a credentialed extension faculty member of Parker University. Students provide chiropractic care to many patient presentations in individual or multi-provider practice environments while simultaneously developing essential practice management strategies. Students expand patient care knowledge and skills by experiencing a wide range of patient conditions and presentations while learning about front desk procedures, billing, scheduling, and various pieces of the chiropractic business that help complete the puzzle.

Cleveland Clinic Foundation (CCF)

Students can participate in a broad, integrative clinical experience at the world-renowned CCF, working with complex cases and associated comorbidities. Under the supervision of Parker University Affiliate Faculty within the Wellness and Preventive Medicine Division, students work in a real-life hospital environment with full support from experienced credentialed doctors and referrals from within the Wellness Division and hospital.

The goal is to provide a diverse learning environment and to prepare students to take on tough cases with a shield of confidence and competence. This multi-doctor approach helps students witness services like Acupuncture, Chinese Medicine, Integrative Medicine, Holistic Psychotherapy, Reiki, and Massotherapy. The Cleveland Clinic Centers for Lifestyle and Integrative Medicine addresses patients’ physical, lifestyle, emotional, and spiritual needs.

Department of Defense Rotation (DoD)

Parker University Affiliate Faculty oversee students at the Madigan Army Medical Center in Tacoma, Washington. This veteran-preferred program offers broad clinical experience working with a team of experts within the Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Department. This department provides a high-quality, integrative approach in a state-of-the-art setting. Students take part in team management of complex conditions while collaborating with other medical specialists and healthcare providers (think primary care, medical and surgical specialties, and rehabilitation disciplines).

The Madigan Chiropractic Clinic’s mission is to “maintain a fit force and high level of unit readiness while simultaneously integrating the highest quality preventive, clinical, surgical, and rehabilitative services; research; and graduate medical education so that we are the choice for musculoskeletal care among all our health care beneficiaries.”

Honoring Our Heroes Through VA Rotations

During VA rotations, students provide chiropractic care to our nation’s veterans who may be living with health challenges. Students are supervised by Parker University Affiliate Faculty within multidisciplinary, integrative, highly regulated, and fully electronic hospital environments at VA locations local to the D/FW Metroplex and throughout the U.S.

  • Most VA locations are hospital-based, but some will be Community Based Outpatient Clinics (CBOCs).
  • Most VA sites have multiple DCs credentialed and offer Parker University students perspectives and learning opportunities.

Students gain insightful experience to help advance their skills, abilities, and confidence by viewing and working with complex cases with associated comorbidities. Participants are exposed to interprofessional educational opportunities with relevant medical, surgical, and associated health specialties like pain management, orthopedics, and physical therapy.

The VA rotation’s mission is to deliver high-quality chiropractic care to VA patients as part of a comprehensive, integrated healthcare system while maintaining a solid commitment to advancing chiropractic education and research.

VA Opportunities All Over the United States

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Chiropractic Mentorship Program (CMP)

Students who have completed all their graduation credit requirements (except for 40% of required hours for their last trimester) can complete hours shadowing a practicing chiropractor of their choice, nationally or internationally. Students learn from a licensed chiropractor about private practice, patient management, and day-to-day business operations.

Become a CBI doctor and start mentoring Parker students

3 Easy Steps To Get Credentialed as a CBI Doctor

1. Initial video interview with the Director of CBI- Initial Qualifications

  • Five years practice experience
  • Patient volume of 100+ per week
  • Practice chiropractic techniques taught in our curriculum

2. Patient file review for compliance
3. Application and credentialing

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Your next step is easy! Contact the CBI Department (one trimester in advance) for an application and any further instructions. Credit for hours only may be accrued in this program. Your host doctor decides what duties you can and cannot perform based upon their malpractice insurance and respective individual state licensing board rules and regulations.