What makes Parker University unique? Its students! Our students are ambitious, compassionate, energetic, and prepared … along with having so many other admirable attributes! Parker University students stand out, as they graduate prepared for their chosen career, remain passionate about their futures, and are equipped with the techniques and knowledge gained through firsthand, real-world experience.

Students in Parker University’s popular Bachelor of Science in Health Information Management (HIM) online program learn to properly collect, integrate, and analyze healthcare information to advance vital healthcare services and systems. Mastering the business aspect of healthcare systems prepares these students to be educated leaders.

Parker University’s HIM program focuses on healthcare data and the management of healthcare information resources. The profession addresses the complex nature, structure, and translation of data into usable forms of information including the electronic health record for the advancement of health and healthcare of individuals and populations.

HIM professionals collect, integrate, and analyze primary and secondary healthcare data, disseminate critical information, and manage information resources related to the research, planning, provision, and evaluation of healthcare services. HIM professionals are an integral part of the overall planning, implementation, and utilization of electronic health record systems.

Education in Action

Rita Mbachick, a Parker University HIM program student, has been chosen for the prestigious Virtual Student Federal Service (VSFS) program within the HIM sector, administered by the Veterans Health Administration (VHA).

The VSFS is an eInternship program for U.S. citizen students (college-level and above) to work on global projects throughout the U.S. government. VSFS is managed by the Office of eDiplomacy in the U.S. Department of State’s Information Resource Management Bureau. Through VSFS, the government benefits from a new generation and U.S. citizen students who can help advance national priorities on projects around the world.

Ms. Mbachick’s educational journey began in 2017. She shares, “Though I encountered obstacles along the way, I remained determined not to abandon my aspirations. Despite setbacks, I persevered, and now, nearing the completion of my current program, I aspire to pursue further education, aiming for a master’s and potentially a PhD!”

The culmination of her hard work and efforts materialized with an offer from the VHA through the VSFS program, marking a significant milestone along the road of her academic and professional journey. Ms. Mbachick shares, “Throughout this process, the unwavering support and encouragement from my program director has played a pivotal role in my academic endeavors, fostering my dedication at Parker University, and ultimately leading to this prestigious internship opportunity at the VA!”

Parker University students are exposed to a variety of opportunities through their reputable education, regardless of the program. Congratulations, Ms. Mbachick! Thank you for representing Parker University in such a positive, professional way, and acting as a great inspiration for students.

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