Nutritional Sciences

Bachelor of Science: Online

The Bachelors in Nutritional Sciences degree program is designed to prepare students for careers in public health education, food management, and nutritional research. The curriculum in the Nutritional Sciences program provides students with an opportunity to study and understand principles of food and nutritional sciences and how nutrition choices can promote and improve one’s quality of life. This program will also provide pathways for students to advance to graduate degree programs within the health sciences patients.

Our Mission

The mission of the Nutritional Sciences department is to provide high quality education in nutrition that prepares graduates to utilize nutrition knowledge to become food and nutrition professionals, or to pursue additional educational opportunities.


Growth Rate

15% growth rate for nutritionist jobs over a 10-year period

Jobs To Be Filled

77,900 nutritionist jobs to be filled between 2016-2026

Median Income

$59,410 median health care practitioner income

Why Choose Parker


Length of Program
The degree may be offered through campus and web-based instructional formats and may be completed in 10 terms with a maximum satisfactory time frame for completion of 15 terms. The curriculum will include: 30 semester credit hours of general education courses, 22 semester credit hours of core science coursework, 51 semester credit hours of nutrition core requirements, and 21 semester credits in electives.
Mode of Instruction
The Bachelor of Science degree with a major in Nutritional Sciences will be offered through campus and web-based distance instructional formats.
Degree Requirements
The Bachelor of Science with a major in Nutritional Sciences requires a minimum of 124 semester credit hours of coursework which are as follows:
• 30 Credit hours in General Education courses
• 22 Credit hours in Core Science Coursework
• 51 Credit hours in Nutrition Core Courses
• 21 Credit hours in Electives
The Bachelor of Science in Nutritional Sciences program must be completed within 15 terms.


Parker University’s Bachelor of Science in Nutritional Sciences will:

  1. prepare students to educate others about nutrition, lifestyle, wellness, and healthy living in clinical, community, and educational settings.
  2. prepare graduates to take leadership roles as nutrition professionals with knowledge of the role of both foods and herbs in promoting human health.
  3. create an important pathway for students to continue their studies in integrative health and wellness.
  4. offer students an opportunity to learn from experts in alternative health practices and pursue a wellness-based career.