Health Sciences

Associate of Science: Online

The Health Science degree is a dynamic interdisciplinary program that allows students to prepare for many careers within the health care industry. Associate degree graduates are prepared to enter the health care workforce with opportunities in community organizations, research laboratories, and insurance companies. This program will also provide pathways for students to advance to other Parker degree programs within the health sciences.

Our Mission

The mission of the Health Sciences department is to develop graduates to acquire professional careers in health science, to become researchers in their field of interest, to pursue advanced studies in health science programs and to develop leaders in the field of health and wellness.


Growth Rate

16% Health Educators and Community Health Workers growth rate between 2016-2026

Jobs To Be Filled

127,100 available jobs for health educators and community health workers

Highest 10% Earnings

Highest 10% of health educational specialists earned more than $98,680 in 2019.

Why Choose Parker


Parker’s Associate of Science in Health Sciences consists of:

  • A flexible 100% online program
  • High-caliber instructors and program administrators with deep academic and professional expertise
  • Convenient schedules designed to fit students’ busy lives and family/career obligations
    • 32 credit hours of general education courses
    • 28 credit hours of Health Science major courses

The graduating student will be able to:

  1. Recognize how socio-economic, cultural, behavioral, structural, biological, environmental and other factors impact the health of individuals and communities, contribute to health disparities, and provide opportunities for promoting health throughout the life course.
  2. Understand and apply information relevant to assessing and improving population health.
  3. Work independently and collaboratively, demonstrating an understanding of professional standards.
  4. Describe issues of health care in the United States.