Computed Tomography

Certificate: On Campus
Certificate: On Campus

Our students are driven to achieve more. With this semester-long online course, students expand their existing radiologic degree with advanced CT imaging techniques. By learning to produce high-quality images, radiation safety practices and patient care skills, our students become an integral part of the diagnostic imaging community. Parker students’ passion leads the health care community forward.


28% career growth rate in Computed Tomography through 2020



$60,586 median income for Computed Tomography



16 weeks in the one-semester program



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Why Choose Parker?

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  • Program Goals
  • Mission


  • One semester course
  • A total of 16 credit hours
  • Students applying must be registered Radiologic Technologists through the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT)
  • Preparation for the Computed Tomography Advanced Certification Examination, offered by AART

Program Description

Computed Tomography is an advanced radiographic imaging modality that utilizes a highly specialized x-ray beam and array of radiation detectors to produce cross-sectional images of human body structures and organs needed by physicians for diagnostic purposes. Computed tomographic images can be reconstructed in various anatomical orientations to demonstrate image details that allow for better visualization of pathology, diagnostic analysis, and radiologic interpretations.

About the Program

Course work in cross-sectional anatomy, pathology, patient care and safety, CT procedures, equipment, image evaluation, instrumentation, image pathology, technique, physics, quality assurance, and quality control.

Program Goals

  1. Clinical Performance and Competence: Graduates will produce high-quality images by learning clinical application, radiation safety practices and patient care skills needed to meet the needs of the diagnostic imaging community as entry-level radiographers.
  2. Problem Solving and Critical Thinking: Graduates will demonstrate sound problem solving and critical thinking skills necessary to function effectively in the clinical setting.
  3. Communication: Graduates will communicate effectively with patients, peers, and colleagues, becoming productive members of the health care community.
  4. Professional Growth and Development: Graduates will learn the purpose and importance of professional values, ethics, continuing education, and lifelong learning.
  5. Program Effectiveness: Graduates will function as active members of the health care community, utilizing the techniques and skills learned in the program.


The Certificate in Computed Tomography Program at Parker University produces competent CT Technologists eligible for immediate employment and certification by offering high quality educational and clinical experiences who respond to the needs of their patients while assuming a vital role in the patient’s healthcare team.


At Parker, we hold ourselves to higher standards. Through rigorous standards, constant innovation and an impulse to serve, we elevate health care education. Together, we are in the pursuit of higher health.