The Bachelor of Science degree in Anatomy provides a broad-based education in modern life science while offering the opportunity for students to concentrate their efforts within various biological disciplines. The Bachelor of Science curriculum includes a strong background in the supporting sciences: Chemistry, Physics, and Mathematics and prepares students for admission to graduate, medical, chiropractic, dental, optometric, and other health related programs. Graduates can also pursue careers in teaching and research or work in pharmaceutical, biomedical and biotechnology industries.

Our Mission

The mission of the Bachelor of Science degree with a Major in Anatomy offers students a Bachelor of Science degree with an emphasis in the biological sciences, scientific research, and service to the community.



28% growth rate for health care jobs over a 10-year period

Available Jobs

55,500 available job opportunities for medical transcriptionists. Source

Median Income

$63,420 median health care practitioner income

Program Highlights

Fully Online

This degree is online, helping you balance family, work and education

Fully Accredited

Parker University proudly holds SACSCOC accreditation, ensuring excellence and quality education standards

Academic Advancement

Meets the requirements for a MS in Neuroscience or a DC Chiropractic

Post-Graduate Support

Graduates are offered exclusive post-graduation benefits and continuous career support


At Parker, we hold ourselves to higher standards. Through rigorous standards, constant innovation and an impulse to serve, we elevate health care education. Together, we are in the pursuit of higher health.