Parker University Offers a Healthy Outlook for Careers in Functional Nutrition

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Did you know you can earn your Master’s degree in Functional Nutrition online through Parker University? This unique and prestigious program provides a challenging and creative learning environment. Its intensive curriculum is evidence-based and focuses on nutritional biochemistry and its application in health maintenance, treatment of disease, and disease prevention for both current and aspiring healthcare professionals.

What is Functional Nutrition?

Graduates with a Functional Nutrition Master’s degree can apply research findings to issues they are sure to face out in the field as professional clinicians, consultants, educators, and researchers.

This industry does not mask important issues by prescribing medication – it strives to discover the real root of a problem and correct it by examining and understanding every aspect of someone’s overall health. People who study functional nutrition explore how the body is interconnected and how diet and nutrition play a significant role in someone’s overall well-being and livelihood. Functional nutrition professionals try to look at the whole picture by factoring in habits and lifestyle to determine what symptoms are related to – diet, lifestyle, or illness. With a functional nutrition professional’s help, many people find they can be cured by making simple nutritional or critical lifestyle changes.

After graduation, what types of Functional Nutrition jobs can I get? What does a Functional Nutrition salary look like?

In an exciting career field currently experiencing tremendous growth, there are more than an estimated 68,000 jobs to be filled. The future of this industry is right now! While graduates can earn an excellent salary for themselves, they will also be helping others make lifestyle changes and discoveries that bring about increased joy and positive change. Since functional nutrition is still a somewhat new specialty in the healthcare world, professionals may soon see drastic improvements in job growth and salary. As more and more people see the benefits, understand the practices, and seek functional nutritionists, salary earnings will only grow.

Some of the nutrition-related jobs that might be within reach after earning a Parker University degree in Functional Nutrition include:

  • Clinical dietetics/nutrition: These individuals provide medical nutrition therapy for patients in hospitals and nursing care facilities, assessing nutritional needs, developing nutrition programs, and evaluating results.
  • Food and nutrition management: Professionals hold managerial responsibility for overseeing operational procedures, purchasing, menu planning, and budgeting aspects of clinical food service, while also hiring and training qualified staff.
  • Public health nutrition: This is the science of preventing disease, prolonging life, and promoting health through nutrition to achieve greater well-being by making better food and nutrition-related choices.
  • Nutrition education and research: This field involves the process of teaching nutrition. Health professionals have a different role when educating an individual, community, or long-term healthcare facility.
  • Private practice/consulting: These facilities and healthcare professionals focus on using healthy, natural foods to improve the health of others. Functional nutritionists provide flexible, individualized care to help bring about healing.
  • Animal nutritionist: These professionals help dictate the dietary needs of animals in captivity or wildlife rehabilitation facilities.
  • Food technologist: These scientists research, develop, and oversee the production offood. They work on existing or newly discovered ingredients and technologies for recipes and to modify foods.
  • Medical sales representative: These individuals sellmedical supplies to doctors, clinics, facilities, and hospitals. They contact potential customers to explain the features and benefits of products then negotiate a deal.
  • Nutritional therapists: These experts help people improve and maintain their health through diet and exercise.

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