Ask Parker University! What Can You Do With an Integrative Health Degree?

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If you’re thinking about starting a career in integrative health, now is a perfect time. After all, more and more people are turning to alternative methods to cure and manage what ails them.

So, how does one define integrated medicine?

In short, it’s all about addressing the health of the whole patient, instead of one specific part of them. You’ll help them heal their mental and physical health, understand their social environment and needs, explore spirituality, and more.

Each healing plan within integrated medicine is customized to a specific patient, so you’ll never be bored and will always be learning. Plus, you’ll be able to choose from a wide range of job opportunities.

What can you do with an integrative health degree?

Do your homework! Check out what integrated physicians and specialists can do and where you can do to get your degree online.

1. A Naturopath

Working as a naturopath is one of the most popular jobs that those in integrated medicine choose.

It’s especially focused on self-healing, non-invasive medical treatments, herbal remedies, and other forms of natural healing like massage, supplements, and even exercise.

2. A Nutrition Counselor

Working in nutritional science is yet another option you’ll have with an integrated medicine degree.

It’s not just about helping people achieve their weight loss goals. It’s about helping them adjust their diet to prevent or overcome diseases, improve mood, and have more energy. You can work with clients of all ages, including young children, to teach them healthy eating habits.

Integrated medicine is also quite a lucrative career option for many.

3. A Massage Therapist

Another wonderful and rewarding career option an integrated medicine degree can provide is that of a massage therapist. In some cases, this job may even allow you to work from home!

You can help patients to regain mobility, manage stress, and of course, get relief from injuries and pain.

4. An Acupuncturist

Acupuncture is a popular alternative to both massage therapy and chiropractic care.

If you become an acupuncturist, it’s easy to manage your own business and work according to your own schedule.

You can help patients with pain relief, stress management, energy flow, and even sleep problems.

5. A Life Coach

With demand rising for life coaching, you may be surprised to learn that having an integrated health/holistic healing degree from Parker University will make you an ideal candidate for the profession.

This is because you can make suggestions about how dietary changes can improve a patient’s mental health, listen and advise them on their mental health struggles, and even help them to adjust their environment and self-perception to increase their motivation.

Where Can You Get Your Integrated Health Degree Online?

Although the wide variety of career options for those with a degree in integrated medicine has you more enthusiastic than ever about the field, you’re still worried about whether or not you’ll have the time to earn your degree, right?

That’s the beauty of earning your bachelor of science degree in integrative health online from Parker University.

We offer flexible course schedules taught by leading professionals in the field. You’ll learn about functional nutrition, psychology, alternative medicine, medical terminology, and much more.

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