Why Psychology?

What if you could get your psychology degree from anywhere, whenever it worked with your schedule? What if you didn’t have to uproot your family or quit your job to study psychology and graduate from a respected school? What if, after years of dreaming about it, you could take your first step towards becoming a psychologist — and help people to make positive changes in their lives as a result?

If you get your online psychology degree, all of this — and much more — is possible.

What to Look for in an Online Psychology Degree Program

If you know that getting a psychology degree is right for you, make sure you understand what to look for in an online university. First, ensure that the program is regionally accredited.

This means that the university is up to specific standards within the psychology field. Usually, this means it must teach certain foundational courses, and that employers and secondary educational institutions will recognize your online education as valid when you apply for positions. Remember that you likely will need to complete some psychology fieldwork to graduate. Usually, online programs will work with you to ensure that you find local opportunities.

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