What Can You Do With a Psychology Degree?

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Clinical Therapist

The study of psychology involves learning more about the human mind and how we as people cope with various situations. As a clinical therapist, you can help others work toward better mental health.

When asking what can you do with a psychology degree from Parker University, this career is one of the most lucrative and prevalent in the field. You can set up a private practice or clinic to begin helping patients with a variety of conditions.

In clinical therapy, you work closely with others to help them combat a variety of mental disorders. By working with individuals and families, you’re able to help them cope with a variety of life situations in a healthy way.

Jobs in the Public Sector

Since psychology involves understanding people and their behavior, it’s no surprise that there are plenty of jobs available in this field in the public sector. Even some police officers and corrections officers have a degree in psychology.

Social workers often hold a degree in psychology since they deal with a variety of people dealing with many mental health issues. This field is a good option if you’re interested in helping others.

To find psychology careers in the public sector, you’ll need to check with your local city or county and look at the current job listings. These types of jobs are always in demand, which makes psychology a strong field.

Psychiatric/Psychology Technician Jobs

As a psychiatric technician, you’ll work closely with mental health professionals and psychologists. This job involves working with people in the elderly population and with those who have been admitted to a hospital on psychiatric grounds.

The job includes helping patients and doctors with daily activities and offering updates to physicians on a patient’s status. You may also be responsible for administering certain medications to patients.

A psychiatric technician job is always in demand, and it gives you the opportunity to grow. Using your knowledge of therapeutic aid and medication allows you to be part of the mental health community in a helpful way.

So, What Can You Do with a Psychology Degree from Parker University?

Whether you want to work in clinical practice or find a career helping in the private sector, you can do a lot with a degree in psychology. The next time you ask what can do you with a psychology degree, consider these options to help you find the perfect career.

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