What Can You Do With a Parker University Master’s Degree in Neuroscience?

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Are you the sort of person who enjoys analytical science and detailed lab work? Do the workings of the human brain fascinate you? Do you want to be a part of improving brain health for generations to come? If so, a Parker University master’s degree in neuroscience may be a great choice for you!

With a master’s degree in neuroscience, you can work on the cutting edge of neurological research.

Social Neuroscience

Social neuroscience is a study of how interactions between cognitive, social, and neural components of human function work. In simpler terms, it looks at how human society has changed our brain function and how that changed brain function impacts our society today. Currently there is no formal social neuroscience degree, so a master’s degree in neuroscience works well for this field.

Most careers in this area are still in the research department. Private and public institutions aren’t currently interested in practical applications of social neuroscience. But if you’re looking to help advance the field and bring it into the public view, this can be a great option.

Government Research

If you want to get government benefits with a master’s degree in neuroscience, there are all manners of health sciences research positions open. The National Institute of Health, the Department of Health and Human Services, and the National Institute on Aging all fund neuroscience research. And those institutions are always looking for people to staff the labs!

It’s true that with a master’s degree you may not be designing the experiments you’re running. You will be doing the on-the-ground research into issues such as dementia, age-related cognitive issues, and how diseases spread. You could be doing the research that will improve your quality of life during old age in the future.

University Research

If you’d rather stay in the private sector, universities offer a ton of options for neuroscience research. You can get a position as a university research associate or a lab technician. You’ll get to do the research work without having to worry about being the one to secure grant funding.

University labs are currently doing research into neuroscience problems from every discipline. From mental illness and behavioral studies in the psychology department to sleep disorders and brain diseases in the medical school, you can pick your area of interest.

Learn What You Can Do with a Parker University Master’s Degree in Neuroscience

If you have a master’s degree in neuroscience, there are a ton of wonderful job positions open to you. The majority of the time, you’ll get to do the actual scientific work without having to worry about funding, experiment design, IRB approval, or lab management. You can focus on the research and do amazing work to advance the field of neuroscience.

If you’d like to get started on your degree, get in touch with us here at Parker University! We help prepare students to lead the way into tomorrow. Apply today and start your new career path now!