Pursue a Parker University MBA with a Concentration in Healthcare

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Hospitals don’t just need doctors and nurses; they also need qualified, experienced management.

With tens of thousands of medical management jobs expected to enter the job market over the next few years, it may be a great time to expand your skills. Even if you already have a job at the moment, Parker University’s online MBA programs are designed specifically for you.

Whether you’re focused on patient care or on the information systems that underpin the entire hospital, an MBA focused on healthcare can help you advance in your career. 

Are you thinking about furthering your studies with an MBA? Here’s everything you need to know about healthcare-focused MBA programs and how they can help boost your career. 

Healthcare MBAs

The healthcare MBA is an essential qualification for anyone looking to advance their career within the industry. These programs are online so that you can fit everything into the busiest of schedules. The healthcare MBA program includes the fundamentals of business but also offers a unique perspective into the healthcare management industry.

This has become essential for anyone looking to make a name for themselves in the modern healthcare industry.

The online MBA from Parker University offers more than one specialization in the healthcare industry. This means that you can focus on either healthcare management or practice management within your course. Here’s a quick look at both of these focuses. 

Healthcare Management

The healthcare management track includes the basics of business management but offers a unique direction for the last two semesters. The track focuses on decision-making, strategic management, policy-making, and legal compliance issues within the healthcare industry. This fundamental focus helps you advance your knowledge in the space but also could help you move to bigger hospital management and governmental roles as well.

Practice Management

The practice management track focuses on skills that you will need to run a practice or a small medical facility. This is where you will focus on small business management, leadership skills, corporate compliance, and legal issues in the healthcare industry. While this helps you run a medical facility, there is still room for growth. 

This means that you can even scale your skills to run an entire hospital or a group of facilities in the area. While this is different from the healthcare management route, it’s incredibly practical for most medical professionals who want to expand in their roles. 

Healthcare Education Requirements for an MBA

The requirements for studying for an MBA at Parker University are pretty straightforward. Since this is a post-graduate course, you will need to have an undergraduate degree from an accredited institution. Your grades need to also be in good standing, with a grade-point average of around 3 or 2.7 if you already have some management experience.

International students are also welcome to apply, but they need to have all qualifications certified and approved by an independent body. 

Benefits of an MBA

An MBA is a Master’s degree that covers the practical and academic side of business. This course is offered with concentrations in a variety of different fields so you can excel and progress to the highest levels of management within your career. 

These courses are also transferable, allowing you to showcase your skills in other industries if you ever decide to make the switch. The MBA is one of the most powerful and impressive qualifications around the world and demands respect wherever you go. In this way, if you ever wanted to take up an opportunity at a different company, you’ll be able to transfer your skills a lot easier than other qualifications.

There have been major studies done on the effects of having an MBA in the workforce. While specialization has proven to excel your career within a company, having an MBA, in general, is proven to improve your job opportunities across the board. This means that you won’t have any trouble finding a new challenge if you ever want one.

How an MBA Can Help With a Career in Healthcare

An MBA is a post-graduate qualification that blends both academics and practical, real-world experience. It differs from your typical Master’s degree as it does not focus entirely on academic approaches to problem-solving. Instead, the MBA brings together like-minded leaders to train them in a practical way to go out and lead entire organizations.

The healthcare industry may be known for life-saving procedures and excellent patient care, but these services need qualified management to help keep everything on track. Nothing can be done, and nobody can be saved if a hospital or medical facility is not run efficiently. Better yet, managing teams, departments, and even separate locations can also come into play. 

This makes managing a hospital even more complicated and complex than a traditional business. In this way, the MBA with a focus on healthcare prepares you for a high-stakes environment where decision-making has never been more important. Having the right skills and competencies in this regard is essential to help you grow as both an individual and as a future leader. 

Master Medical Management With an MBA

Are you thinking about advancing your healthcare career with an MBA? Consider studying for an MBA with a focus on medical management at Parker University. These courses are designed to help you gain the knowledge you need to succeed in healthcare management. 

Whether you are a medical doctor looking to break into management or someone in management looking to climb the ladder, Parker University’s MBA is perfect for you.

Interested in learning more about the healthcare MBA programs at Parker University? Feel free to visit our website for more information or contact us if you have any questions.