Twin Sisters Graduating at the Top of Parker University’s Doctoral Program

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DALLAS,TX, November 13, 2020

Twin sisters LaTonya and LaToya Harris received notable recognition in North Texas when they graduated from South Garland High School in 2010 as the top two students in their class. Upon completing high school, these Texas twins went on to earn their bachelor’s and master’s degrees in sports management from The University of Texas at Austin. The pair have been working on their second set of master’s degrees in functional nutrition and their doctorate degrees in chiropractic medicine. They will graduate from Parker University with both degrees on December 12, 2020. For the second time in their educational careers, this milestone has made them the valedictorian and salutatorian of their graduating class!

LaTonya and LaToya’s mentor, Dr. Jordan Pellien, graduated from Parker University. When the twins first decided to go to chiropractic school, they did not research other schools because they wanted to stay in Texas. After thoughtful consideration and prayer, the two girls knew it was God’s blessing that eventually helped them change their career course to attend Parker University.

Dreaming and achieving can be two very different things, but LaTonya and LaToya have made their goals and aspirations a reality! Every rewarding journey has its set of challenges. While the girls do not feel they had any significant setbacks on the road to the top, they acknowledge the difficulties of going to school and trying to gain respect in an industry where fewer people look like them and often do not have the same background. There were times the sisters admitted to feeling alone or like they had to be perfect to help change the perception of minority students and doctors in chiropractic.

Currently, the Harris twins are completing their last clinical rotation at the Austin VA Clinic and feel honored to serve these veterans. They have also been shadowing Dr. Pellien at WellSport in Austin to further their biomechanical assessment and rehabilitation knowledge. When it comes to their shared goals for the future, the twins plan to establish their practice together, as well as a mentorship program and scholarship fund for minority doctors.

Parker University is proud to recognize LaTonya and LaToya’s hard work and wishes the twins tremendous success as they continue making an impact in the chiropractic industry and the lives of others.

About Parker University

Parker University, the fourth-fastest growing college in Texas and the fastest-growing college in Dallas, was founded in 1982 by Dr. James William Parker (formerly Parker College of Chiropractic). Today, Parker University has more than 1,800 students and 34 academic programs, including its famed chiropractic program, as well as master’s degrees in neuroscience, clinical neuroscience, strength and human performance, and functional nutrition. Currently, Parker University’s chiropractic cohort is the second largest of any campus in the world.