The Supreme Court of Texas Ruling Reverses the Court of Appeals’ Judgment in the Cause of the TBCE and TCA v. TMA Suit.

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DALLAS,TX, February, 2021

On January 29, 2021, the chiropractic profession celebrated a long-awaited legal victory. The Supreme Court of Texas ruling partially reversed the court of appeals’ judgment in the case of the Texas Board of Chiropractic Examiners (TBCE) and the Third Court of Appeals (TCA) v. Texas Medical Association (TMA) suit. The Court declared that neurology can uphold within the chiropractic practice.

The Texas Supreme Court delivered its opinion in this case (which is commonly known in the chiropractic industry as the “nerve case”), stating that the TMA “challenged rules, read in context, do not exceed the statutory scope of chiropractic practice … ” This reversed the TCA’s judgment that TBCE’s rules on musculoskeletal system, subluxation complex, and vestibular-ocular-nystagmus testing (VONT) were invalid. TBCE and TCA won because of how TBCE defined the musculoskeletal system, subluxation complex, and performance of VONT.

Parker University sends its thanks and appreciation to everyone behind the scenes of this notable and essential win. “We would very much like to thank all those who led the charge in the ongoing battle for this important win,” says Parker University President William E. Morgan, DC.

Visit to see the Texas Supreme Court’s official opinion.

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