Siblings’ Parker Seminars Chiropractic Success Story

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Parker Seminars has mastered the art of bringing us all together to promote the cause – all kinds of chiropractic professionals, friends, colleagues, alums, and industry leaders, to name a few!

This year, among the audience at Parker Seminars Las Vegas was a set of siblings who strongly believe in the healing power and extreme benefits of chiropractic. Drs. Tom Close and Catherine McGuire (brother and sister) are dedicated leaders in the chiropractic industry!

Dr. Close was a lucky VIP winner at this year’s Parker Seminars Las Vegas event! He has been coming to Parker Seminars for 40 years now! In the 1980s, Dr. Close invited his sister, Dr. McGuire, who at the time was his CA, to attend Parker Seminars. By the time the event concluded, Dr. McGuire had enjoyed the environment and firsthand accounts of successful chiropractors so much that she signed up for Parker College of Chiropractic and graduated in its charter class in 1985!

Becoming a Doctor of Chiropractic

At 20 years old, Dr. Close decided to investigate chiropractic further. His father and grandfather were medical doctors, and he never had the drive to pursue a career in that field. Dr. McGuire shares, “I had been getting adjusted, at my brother’s suggestion, since I was 24 years old and was on a wellness plan. So, I knew the value of the adjustment. At this seminar, I attended a CA class taught by Dr. Yennie. He asked the class which of us would leave the seminar and decide to become a chiropractor. My brother’s other assistant raised her hand. I did not, but I knew right then that she would not become a DC but that I would. This all happened before Dr. Jim Parker founded Parker College of Chiropractic (now Parker University)! I went back to college to take the necessary prerequisites. Most people I knew thought I couldn’t do it. My degree was in Political Science!”

After graduation in September of 1985, Dr. McGuire started her chiropractic practice in Colorado in the same building as her brother. She shares, “I’ve practiced there ever since. I went to many Parker Seminars during my career, taking my staff at least once a year.”

Chiropractic Career Dedication

Throughout Dr. Close’s career, Parker Seminars has provided “lots of inspiration to serve and a good direction to effective clinical applications,” he says. He feels that Parker Seminars is set apart from other chiropractic events due to its “emphasis on service.” Dr. McGuire thinks, “There is always something new. The speakers aren’t just trying to sell something but to teach something! The seminars fill the gamut – technique, business practices, office procedures, fitness, motivation, and the chiropractic spirit.”

This year, Dr. McGuire retires. Dr. Close describes their recent experience at the 2023 Parker Seminars Las Vegas event as a “bookend” to his sister’s successful career. “We had a wonderful time all around!” he shares about the event. For the siblings, it was a bittersweet event. “And how the seminars have evolved! They are even better than when I started going,” says Dr. McGuire.

When asked what the most rewarding part of his career has been, Dr. Close says it’s helping people. Dr. McGuire agrees, saying, “The most rewarding part of my chiropractic career is the patients, especially enrolling them in lifetime care. After 38 years, I am seeing some of the grandchildren of my original patients. It is very rewarding to have people return to daily activities without drugs or surgery. So often, patients put off a looming surgery or go off prescriptions. This type of healing is not unique to me! This standard fare for chiropractic!”

Chiropractic Care from the Heart

So, what advice do these successful sibling chiropractors have for us? Dr. McGuire says, “Put your blinders on and do the work. No one can do it for you. Learn how to adjust – whatever technique resonates with you. You need to start with a big heart and a passion for serving others. Chiropractic is about the people you can serve and the difference you will make in their lives. Practice from the heart, and you will be successful.”

A Parker University Education

Are you inspired to investigate what a career in chiropractic would look like for you? Click here for more about Parker University’s highly esteemed DC program. Register for our exciting upcoming Parker Seminars events here!