Professional Snowboarder Brolin Mawejje to Become Parker University Doctor of Chiropractic Student in 2023

Professional Snowboarder Brolin Mawejje to Become Parker University Doctor of Chiropractic Student in 2023
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Professional Snowboarder Brolin Mawejje to Become Parker University Doctor of Chiropractic Student in 2023

Brolin Mawejje, a 31-year-old prospective Parker University Doctor of Chiropractic (DC) student born and raised in Kampala, Uganda, has relentlessly pursued his extreme passion for professional snowboarding for the past decade. Now, this athlete is ready to take his education and skillset to the next level with the help of Parker University.

The Journey from Uganda to the U.S.

After immigrating to Boston, Massachusetts, at the age of 11, Mr. Mawejje then made his way to the Teton Range mountains in Wyoming at 16 years old. It was there that he discovered his love and talent for snowboarding.

Over the years, Mr. Mawejje helped establish the Uganda Snowboarding Federation, competed in the World Championships, and was invited to a World Cup event.

Mr. Mawejje sees representing Uganda by competing in the Olympic Games as the top level of competition that can be achieved, challenging him to grow and fully prove his talent. At the 28th Winter Universiade Games in Kazakhstan, where Mr. Mawejje was only 15 points from opening a quota spot for the 2018 Olympic Games, doctors discovered that he had arrhythmia, a potentially fatal heart condition. Then, in 2022, illness sidelined Mr. Mawejje from the Olympic Games qualifier.

Mr. Mawejje still dreams of and works toward competing in the Olympics. He shares, “My goal for competing in the Olympics has always been to represent not only myself, my coaches, and my country, but also my talents, my family, and my friends on one of the best competition stages!”

For Mr. Mawejje, snowboarding has brought community, stability, and self-discovery, allowing him to travel the world and meet amazing people along the way. “It has taught me grit and persistence, especially when setting goals and an attack plan on accomplishing them,” he shares.

Education and Career Goals for the Future

Mr. Mawejje, who has already attended medical school and earned a master’s in epidemiology with a focus on sports and injury, now aspires to achieve his Doctor of Chiropractor degree with an emphasis on the nervous system and sports.

Mr. Mawejje says he chose Parker University because of the diverse programs offered to students who aim to become the best chiropractic providers. Parker University was also highly recommended by some of his best sports performance doctors, giving Mr. Mawejje confidence that he had made the right choice!

Regarding his future career goals, Mr. Mawejje wants to own and operate his own chiropractic practice in Utah. He also dreams of opening a practice in his homeland of Uganda. Mr. Mawejje wants to continue snowboarding professionally while helping his fellow competitors recover, maintain, and learn how to maximize the body’s potential. “Knowing and understanding where I came from and how far I’ve come helps motivate me to achieve my goals,” he shares.

While rooting for Mr. Mawejje’s success on the snowboarding slopes, Parker University is also excited to welcome this athlete to its prestigious DC program. For additional information on Parker University’s various programs, please visit

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