Parker University Recognizes May as National Physical Fitness and Sports Month with its Strength and Human Performance Programs and State-of-the-Art ParkerFit Facility

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Every May, the President’s Council on Sports, Fitness, and Nutrition (PCSFN), within the Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion (ODPHP), supports and promotes National Physical Fitness and Sports Month. National Physical Fitness and Sports Month recognizes how being active improves fitness and reduces stress. Activity helps individuals reduce their risk for some chronic diseases and can help subdue symptoms of anxiety and depression. Sports help youth stay active and develop leadership skills, better time management, and relationship-building skills. Parker University aims to promote health through physical fitness and sports with its master’s degree in Strength and Human Performance and its new ParkerFit facility.

ParkerFit Provides Students and Staff with Innovative Exercise Solutions

ParkerFit, located on the Parker University campus, is a new 21,000-square-foot activity facility. The ParkerFit center includes a group fitness studio, cardio area, exercise equipment area, functional fitness area, Human Strength and Performance Lab, indoor turf track, freedom climber, locker rooms, saunas, flatscreen televisions and projectors, outdoor sports courts, and outdoor exercise areas. ParkerFit also hosts an intramural program, the annual Chiro Games, and group and functional fitness classes.

ParkerFit’s Coordinator of Athletics and Recreation Amber Cedillos says, “ParkerFit knows that incorporating physical activity into your daily life can lead to overall improvements in health, both physically and mentally. We provide a large variety of workout equipment to meet the diverse interests of exercise techniques of Parker University students and employees.” Ms. Cedillos continues, “We support healthy daily activity by sharing workout ideas to social media and creating fitness challenges throughout the year. We welcome and encourage participation in physical activity, regardless of fitness level or experience, by offering group classes led by skilled trainers. We continue to grow our facility and programs to meet the ever-changing trends in physical fitness while maintaining high standards of evidence-based application.”

You can learn more about ParkerFit and its unique offerings at

Parker University’s Master’s in Strength and Human Performance Degree

The Master of Science Degree in Strength and Human Performance at Parker University provides an in-depth study of evidenced-based research in physiology, biomechanics, and human metabolism, to enhance health, function, and physical performance. The program’s mission is to prepare graduates to apply research to promote health, enhance physical performance, and prevent athletic injuries. Students participate in advanced research and strengthen their knowledge and application of exercise science, and are trained in cardiac rehabilitation, sports injuries and rehabilitation, and allied health professions to understand goal-oriented fitness programs.

Dean of Health and Human Performance Tammy Fogarty, Ph.D., RD shares, “The field of exercise science not only promotes health and athletic performance, but it also helps individuals with impaired functions and chronic disease. A degree in Strength and Human Performance is a wise career choice for anyone fascinated with body mechanics and interested in learning techniques that enhance athletic ability and performance. The field of exercise science has broad applications in movement, exercise, rehabilitation, health promotion, and nutrition to serve varied populations.”

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Parker University is proud to offer various initiatives and programs that help promote health and wellness through physical fitness and sports. To learn more about National Physical Fitness and Sports Month, go to

About Parker University

Parker University, the fourth-fastest growing college in Texas and the fastest-growing college in Dallas, was founded in 1982 by Dr. James William Parker (formerly Parker College of Chiropractic). Today, Parker University has more than 1,800 students and 34 academic programs, including its famed chiropractic program, as well as master’s degrees in neuroscience, clinical neuroscience, strength and human performance, and functional nutrition. Currently, Parker University’s chiropractic cohort is the second largest of any campus in the world.