Parker University Celebrates Guest Speaker Ethan Zohn

Ethan Zohn speaking
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Ethan Zohn speaking

Ethan Zohn – athlete, performer, philanthropist, and advocate – has spoken at the Chicago Parker Seminar and will be speaking again with Parker University at the Parker Power Weekend in Dallas, Texas on July 17th. Mr. Zohn is the founder of GrassRoots Soccer and will be speaking on the role of chiropractic in his remarkable life. Mark Mandell, DC, Executive Director of Parker Seminars and Parker Professionals states:

Parker Seminars is very excited to share the unique perspective of this inspiring figure. A professional soccer player, Survivor: Africa winner, and two time cancer survivor, he is also a philanthropist dedicated to advancing health education by way of sports through Grassroots Soccer. As a chiropractor I am thrilled to see the lessons he has taken from our profession on healthcare advocacy and the good that he has done in communities in Africa and around the world.

In his speech in Chicago Mr. Zohn commented on how as a professional and student athlete he found chiropractic care to be an essential part of his training and healthcare regime. Chiropractic, however, had played another more personal role in his life through the influence of his brother and sister-in-law – Dr.s Lee and Heidi Henrickson-Zohn – who helped him to see a way to react to his victory on Survivor: Africa:

Living with barely enough food and water and TV cameras for 39 days was torture, but the real challenge came when all of a sudden I had to figure out what to do when you win One Million Dollars. My brother’s wife Heidi, who is also a Chiropractor was the first to figure it out, she now charges me for my co-payments. I invested my money in something much bigger than myself. A charity called Grassroots Soccer.

Mr. Zohn cited chiropractic as one of the tools he used to win the contest, but it also became a model for a much bigger challenge. Grass Roots Soccer uses the power of soccer – the world’s most popular sport – to educate young people on HIV/AIDS and to provide referrals for testing and treatment. The charity is in 40 countries and has graduated 720,000 kids. Mr. Zohn explains: “Our entire model is based on the fact that through education and sport, we can prevent disease before it happens. Sound familiar?

Chiropractic doctors are some of the best educators I have ever heard.” As he said, “Chiropractors are in their communities everywhere. You guys are out there sharing your stories, knowledge, and educating the community. That’s why it’s such an honor to be involved with all the chiropractors who continue to amplify this movement for a healthier world every single day.”

Videos and of Mr. Zohn’s speeches for the Chicago seminar are available through Parker Seminars here: .

Parker Power weekend is this July 17 – 18, get more information on it and Mr. Zohn’s upcoming presentation here.

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