Parker Seminars Joins in Celebrating 40 Years of the World Congress of Women Chiropractors

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2022 marks the 40th anniversary of the World Congress of Women Chiropractors (WCWC). In September of 1982, Dr. Peggy Moore moderated the first WCWC class, which still provides a valuable outlet for education and support today. The WCWC is a professional association dedicated to women’s empowerment in the chiropractic profession. Each year, scholarships are awarded to deserving chiropractic students and seminar grants for DCs. The group also offers monthly telechat meetings and an online group to keep everyone connected.

Since 1984, during Parker Seminars events, exclusive and exciting WCWC gatherings have taken place. Over the years, attendees have become accustomed to networking with others, sharing stories, and discussing great career experiences. Parker Seminars makes it easy to get involved with the WCWC through various luncheons and ceremonies.

During the February 2022 “Iron Sharpens Iron” seminar in Las Vegas, the WCWC hosted a luncheon and awards ceremony. During the luncheon, women chiropractors and DC students joined the organization for a lively discussion covering the latest industry trends. Jacalyn Buettner, DC, even took the stage to receive the WCWC’s Woman of the Year Award from Clare Morgan, DC.

Parker Seminars is proud to celebrate everything the WCWC helps bring to the chiropractic industry and 40 years of success! To learn more about the WCWC’s role with Parker Seminars or get information about memberships and scholarship applications, go to

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