Parker Seminars Introduces Weekly Podcast, “Parker Talk”

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DALLAS, May 28, 2014 – Parker Seminars, a global leader in chiropractic, health, and wellness-based seminars, is offering a weekly podcast series for chiropractors and wellness professionals titled “Parker Talk.” The series features interviews with a wide spectrum of experts on topics such as nutrition, philosophy, techniques, and how to market chiropractic success and achievements. All previously recorded podcasts are now available on the Parker Talk website and on the Parker Seminars Mobile App.

For each episode of the 20-minute podcast, hosted by Dr. Dan Davidson, a new thought leader or remarkable practitioner is interviewed to discuss the pressing issues in the health and wellness industry. Together with Dr. Davidson, each week’s guest looks to create high-performing chiropractic clinics that foster growth throughout the profession. Recent guests on the podcast have included Dr. John Minardi, founder of the Thompson Technique Seminar Series; Bill Esteb, chiropractic publisher and author; and Dr. Irum Tahir, recent recipient of the Kauffmann Foundation’s Top 100 Entrepreneurs in the United States Under 30 Years of Age award.

“We launched this podcast as another way to serve our seminar attendees in the windows between each seminar,” said Dr. Mark Mandell, executive director of Parker Professional. “Whether we’re bringing on the biggest names in health and wellness or a hidden gem that may represent the future of our profession, Parker Talk will be another tool to deliver new information and resources toward chiropractors as well as other health and wellness professionals around the world.”

Parker Talk streams live online every Thursday at noon central time on Completed episodes are accessible on the Parker Seminar Mobile App.

In addition to its new podcast series, Parker Seminars also recently re-launched its website,, to include details on upcoming seminars, testimonials, and any other information attendees may be seeking about the world’s foremost chiropractic seminar series.

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