“High Standards” Inducing High Growth Rates at Parker University

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4th Fastest Growing College in Texas; “Veneration of Service to Others”

Dallas, TX – Nov., 2019 – Plagued by declining enrollments and other negative developments, higher education these days seems too often to generate bad news, but Parker University, founded in 1982, continues to offer exceptionally good news.   Now the 4th fastest growing college in Texas, according to the Dallas Business Journal, the Dallas school has seen its enrollment jump from 866 in fiscal year 2013 to 1,263 in fiscal year 2018 – a robust 46 percent increase.

Even a recent severe tornado strike — which destroyed half of its buildings – has not set this dynamic school back.  To the contrary: The tornado’s damage has catalyzed Parker into accelerating its time frame to modernize its campus

Parker is currently raising funds to construct a new outpatient chiropractic clinic, to modernize its research facilities, and to enhance the overall student experience.

The school has currently 1,500 students and 27 academic programs, with master’s degrees offered in neuroscience, clinical neuroscience, and functional nutrition. Parker’s chiropractic cohort is the second largest of any campus in the world.

Substantial Investments To Foster Advanced, Rewarding Learning Environment

As impressive as are Parker University’s double-digit growth rates, the factors behind the growth rates, the school stresses, warrant the most attention.  “High growth rates only tell part of the story,” explains Parker University President William E. Morgan. “The growth rates are the fruits of substantial investments in time and resources to foster an advanced, rewarding learning environment and a stimulating, enriching school culture – all of which are quite compelling to potential new enrollees who seek a cut-above-the-rest educational institution.”

“Ultimately, it’s our high standards of operation that are inducing our high growth rates,” he adds.

Embrace Of Both Old And New

Key to Parker’s success has been its embrace of both the old and the new: staying true to its founding principles as it works vigorously to be on the cutting edge and innovate whenever possible.

Chief among those founding principles is the veneration of service to others – and that demands learning that transcends the classrooms and textbooks.   “Parker is a university built purposely to espouse a spirit, a soul, an underlying mission: service to others,” says Morgan.  “This mission originated with our founder, Dr. James W. Parker, and has been the bedrock of Parker since its inception.”

And the school endeavors to put these words into action on a regular basis.  With 35 private practice partnerships and integrated clinical curriculum with the Veterans Affairs Hospital, for example, Parker demonstrates the importance of serving the community as it advances its practice of evidence-based teachings. Its research institute also works to bring its findings and advancements to the mainstream through international recognition and collaboration.

“At Parker, we’re here not just to teach, but to help you to discover where you can best serve humanity, Morgan says. “This philosophy has truly been central to our development and success since 1982. As it’s helped us come so far, we’re optimistic that in the years ahead it will help us go far.”

About Parker University

Parker University, the 4th fastest growing college in Texas according to the Dallas Business Journal, was founded in 1982 by Dr. James William Parker, originally as Parker College of Chiropractic; in 2011, it changed the name as its curriculum expanded. Today, Parker University has 1,500 students and 27 academic programs including its famed chiropractic program along with master’s degrees in neuroscience, clinical neuroscience, and functional nutrition. Currently, Parker University’s chiropractic cohort is the second largest of any campus in the world.

The year 2020 marks the 100th birthday of Dr. Parker as well as the 125th anniversary of the discovery of chiropractic. The school hopes to celebrate by showcasing a modern, rebuilt facility.