Gold Medal Chiropractic Care

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Parker alumnus Vince Scheffler, DC ’07 provides regular care for Olympic All-Around Champion Nastia Liukin

Nastia Liukin was in Dallas and stopped by Parker University in December 2014 to get adjusted by her personal chiropractor and Parker alumnus, Vince Scheffler, DC, ’07 before her nine week stint in the Dancing with the Stars competition – in which she and her partner Derek Hough made it to the semi-finals.

A sports commentator, competitor, speaker, philanthropist, and designer; Nastia Liukin medalled in a number of gymnastic events in the Olympics, Gymnastics World Championships, Pan American Games, and Pacific Rim Championships. In 2007 she suffered an ankle injury that required extensive treatment and began working with Dr. Scheffler in order to establish an individualized care plan to aid with her recovery and long term health.
Chiropractic is one part of a far more robust healthcare regimen embraced by Ms Liukin. Dr. Scheffler’s long work with her has given him a deep respect for her self-awareness and discipline, and believes it helps her in competition and in health:

“As a professional athlete, Nastia has a great advantage in this competition — not only because of her exemplary health and fitness routine, but also because she understands her body and how to keep it functioning at its best. Nastia understands what it takes to be a fierce competitor and has always exercised extreme discipline to ensure success. ‘Dancing with the Stars’ will provide the perfect stage for her to showcase her talent, once again, and win over millions of viewers. I look forward to supporting Nastia – and her health – throughout the season.”
Ms. Liukin’s commitment to chiropractic is not simply related to competition; she also focuses on prevention and injury management, incorporates it into training as well as competition, and tireless works with the Foundation for Chiropractic Progress to advocate for chiropractic care generally. We look forward to seeing more of her work as a role-model and an advocate and to hearing more of her work the Dr. Scheffler.