Parker University and the Parker Alumni Association announce new Fundraising Campaign for Force Sensing Table Technology

Force Sensing Technology Tables
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Force Sensing Technology Tables

Force Sensing Technology Tables

DALLAS, July, 2016 – Parker University is pleased to announce its support for a new fundraising campaign led by the Parker Alumni Association. With a goal of $60,000, this campaign looks to expand Parker University’s clinical pedagogy lab by purchasing additional Force Sensing Technology Tables (FSTTs). The original table was purchased as a result of donations from the Parker University board of trustees. Following on that work, the alumni association board of directors will call upon the power of the alumni community to raise funds that can help current students and demonstrate the value of a Parker education in healthcare.

FSTT provides instantaneous data on chiropractic technique delivered by the student during a spinal manipulation. Immediate objective feedback of the student’s performance is displayed in a force-time profile which can be compared to expert force-time profiles. Students then use this feedback to model the desired behavior.

Dr. Jarret Browning, a member of the alumni board and leader of the campaign has announced that the campaign will begin this fall, in honor of the 65th anniversary and Sapphire Celebration of Parker Seminars and its unceasing work to improve clinical practice and healthcare training resources. The external portion of this campaign begins this fall. Thus far, the alumni board itself has raised over 10% of the needed funds. This initial commitment demonstrates the board’s devotion to both the students’ needs and the potential of the alumni community to provide meaningful support to Parker.

The board invites the Parker Community both alumni and community stakeholders to participate in this campaign. Donations can be made through the website. Information on FSTT and opportunities to see the technology in action can be found on the FSTT campaign website as well and during the Dallas Experience event this October.

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