Parker University Spotlights National Massage Therapy Awareness Week®

Parker University and National Massage Therapy Awareness Week
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Parker University and National Massage Therapy Awareness Week

Every year, the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA) celebrates National Massage Therapy Awareness Week® (NMTAW)! Taking place this year from October 22-28, this dedicated week for massage therapists across the U.S. recognizes and promotes the many health benefits of Massage Therapy.

Parker University annually joins the industry’s cause and informs potential students about its prestigious, one-of-a-kind Massage Therapy certificate program.

In addition to providing free massages at many events throughout the year, on October 28, for NMTAW, Parker University’s Massage Therapy program will offer complimentary athletic massages to participants at the USA Women’s Half Marathon at White Rock Lake in Dallas and at the Parker University Community Health Fair, and even pass out candy and Massage Therapy information at Farmer’s Branch Halloween in the Park. Throughout NMTAW, Parker University is proud to have its Alumni Athletic Massage team massaging the Dallas Cowboys football team at Ford Stadium at The Star in Frisco!

Gregory May, Parker University’s Massage Therapy Program Director, shares, “Our curriculum doesn’t stop at learning the basics of Swedish massage like most programs. We study both Swedish and evidence-based Therapeutic massage. In our second trimester, we study Myofascial therapy, Neuro-muscular therapy, Acupressure, Reflexology, Chair Massage, and more. No other school in the state can match our modality coverage in the certificate program!”

Other factors setting Parker University’s COMTA-accredited Massage Therapy program apart from others include:

  • Human cadaver lab on campus
  • Virtual anatomy lab with virtual dissection tables and Oculus 3-D anatomical study
  • Day and evening anatomy and physiology classes taught by doctors
  • Free tutoring for anatomy
  • Heated resistance pool to study aquatic bodywork therapy

In addition, Parker University offers dual language Spanish/English classes, free chiropractic care for students, the free MBLEX exam, a Texas State Exam Review class, the scheduling of exams, applications for student licensure, and many other perks!

Mr. May adds, “Our program is rigorous and requires reliability, maturity, and grit. Our graduates are making a difference in the community, helping relieve geriatric patients’ pain from arthritis, traveling to homes to work on special needs children and hospice patients, and helping professional athletes reach optimum performance in their careers. Massage therapists can relieve chronic headaches without invasive procedures and dangerous drugs. They can alleviate the intensity of symptoms of PTSD from veterans of war, help to increase weight gain in premature infants, and assist lymphatic drainage to reduce swelling in cancer survivors after mastectomies or lumpectomies. We reduce back, neck, and jaw pain and help increase stamina and energy when necessary. We help quiet the minds of those with anxiety to aid in restful sleep and provide a nurturing touch to make those who are isolated feel alive again. This truly is the most rewarding profession!”

To learn more about this important week of recognition, go to For more information about Parker University’s Massage therapy certificate program, visit