Parker University is Calling All Health Science Majors!

Parker University is Calling All Health Science Majors!
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Parker University is Calling All Health Science Majors!

You chose a college major based on your greatest interests, passions, and perhaps your future income, but sometimes a career is pending. If you are working towards an undergraduate degree in a health science field, you are in an ideal position to enroll in Parker University’s Doctor of Chiropractic (DC) program! Degrees in biology, kinesiology, or exercise science make an excellent base of study to continue your educational journey and become a DC. You can take the next step in gaining professional stature while remaining in your chosen field of health sciences.

According to, chiropractors can earn up to $147,000 a year!

All chiropractors possess a high level of expertise in adjusting the spine through hands-on techniques. These professionals skillfully evaluate spinal restrictions by analyzing factors such as muscle tone, asymmetrical movement, and overall flexibility. At the core of chiropractic theory lies the belief in the body’s inherent capacity to self-heal, emphasizing holistic methods and drug-free pain management.

Chiropractors often educate their patients, impart flexibility routines designed for at-home practice, and provide recommendations for lifestyle adjustments that can effectively reduce stress and enhance sleep quality. Furthermore, chiropractors serve as mentors, guiding patients on self-care strategies to maximize the benefits of treatment in the intervals between sessions. The alleviation of daily discomfort frequently results in a remarkable transformation, enabling individuals to move with increased ease and experience a greater sense of well-being.

As a chiropractor, intentions of helping people feel and live longer are in your wheelhouse. You are a believer in collaborative efforts between people and practitioners. You acknowledge the research that reducing pain allows for more physical activity, better sleep, and enhanced mood. You’re ready to check out Parker University!

Start online! Parker University’s DC program has a new track designed for students who perform well in a virtual environment and want to concentrate on their DC science courses online for the first four trimesters. Students on this track begin classes at the Dallas, Texas, Parker University campus at the end of their fourth trimester and start hands-on instruction at that time. Like any standard program, this track educates students with the required skills, hands-on hours, and everything needed to graduate in 10 trimesters successfully.

Parker University’s prestigious DC program features a comprehensive curriculum. Integrated clinical experience with emphasis on research provides the platform for graduates to become industry leaders. At the heart of founder Dr. James Parker’s legacy is the belief in serving others with compassion and humility.

Parker University believes this background requires students to exemplify compassion, commitment, and a drive toward service. You can be part of this vision to serve. Click here to check out Parker University’s admission requirements!