Parker University Has Your Healing in Mind

Parker University_Healing in Mind
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Parker University_Healing in Mind

The world needs more chiropractors! The quest of chiropractic is not only to ease pain through hands-on adjustments but to cure ailments by integrating holistic practices and lifestyle guidance for patients. This is a tall order in our world of quick fixes. With a pharmacy on nearly every corner and telehealth becoming prevalent, a one-on-one with your chiropractor is nothing less than a requirement for a healthy lifestyle.

Back pain affects most adults, can cause disability, and is a common reason for seeking healthcare, according to the National Institute for Health (NIH). Typical remedies for back pain include over-the-counter pain medications and, in the worst cases, opioids. Opioid prescriptions for lower back pain have increased, and more than half of regular opioid users report they still experience back pain. However, opioids do not seem to expedite a patient’s return to work after an injury or improve functional outcomes of back pain.

Research finds that opioids are not the most effective way to deal with back pain, yet overdoses are our country’s number one cause of accidental death. According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), in a 12-month period ending in 2022, the highest number of overdose deaths were recorded in a year. Back pain sufferers who receive treatment from a chiropractor are given a healthy path to a pain-free life without that level of risk. Doctors of Chiropractic (DCs) are tasked with not only relieving life-debilitating pain but they are also part of a more significant positive impact on the current opioid crisis. What an inspiring perspective for future chiropractors!

Like many healthcare professions, the resolve to become a DC is an intuitive calling more than a choice or decision. Determining which school is the best fit is even more complicated. Graduate school is time-consuming and requires dedication, so finding an educational institution that meets expectations with enough leeway for life is imperative.

Parker University’s DC program has a new track designed for students who perform well in a virtual environment and want to concentrate on their science courses online for the first four trimesters. Students on this track won’t begin courses on campus until the end of the fourth trimester and will then start hands-on instruction. Like the standard program, this online track positions students with academic and clinical hours needed to graduate.

A DC degree from Parker University prepares you to open a practice, work in integrated healthcare, or move into a specialized area like strength and human performance. If you’re an aspiring chiropractor, Parker University can fulfill all prerequisite courses as needed or accept candidates with a bachelor’s degree or higher.

The future is now! Do you want to learn more about Parker University’s prestigious DC program? Click here!