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The Parker University Research Center coordinates and facilitates the development and execution of a research agenda consistent with the overall mission of Parker University. That agenda has led to the advancement of the University within the scientific/professional community and contributed sound scientific evidence that supports public health and the chiropractic profession, education, business and technology.

Our Mission

Establish and sustain a culture that promotes research excellence, which is patient-centered and innovative


  • Develop innovative, patient-centered research that drives the science of healthcare.
  • Train Parker students and faculty, as well as independent clinicians, to produce evidence within their specialized field(s).
  • Enhance awareness of Parker research endeavors within the University, local organizations, as well as increase our national and global presence.


World Chiropractic Federation 2022

Poster Presentations

  • Changes in Chiropractic Students’ Attitude Toward Back Pain Management After One of Three Clinical Evidence Educational Training Procedures
    Pohlman, K, Malaya C, Monier Z, Morales V, Tom L, Muller R, Eklund A, Browning A, Boylan P, Palmgren PJ, Cerf K, Stuber K
  • Using an Active Surveillance Reporting System to Prospectively Identify Adverse Events at the Macquarie University Chiropractic Teaching Clinics
    Pohlman K, Burrell C, Funabashi M, de Luca K, Giuriato R, Downie A
  • Assessment for Learning: An Essential Component of Student Engagement
    Maguire C
  • Identification of Master Patient Index (MPI) Record Challenges from Healthcare Professionals? Perspectives
    Malaya C, Riaz A, Chandrasekaran S, Mohiuddin Z, Layne C.
  • Simulated Gravitational Loading Alters Lower Extremity Kinematics and Electromyographic Variables During Walking
    Malaya C, Riaz A, Chandrasekaran S, Mohiuddin Z, Layne C

Parker Faculty/Student Publications


World Chiropractic Federation 2021

Platform Video Presentations

Association of Chiropractic Colleges - Research Agenda Conference

Platform Video Presentations

Poster Presentations

  • Adapting a Conference on Teaching and Integrating EBP into Curricula: PIE2023 for CIH Educators.
    Pohlman K, Monier Z, Jacobs C, Long C, Lawrence D, Madigan D, Stites J, Goldenberg J, Hoyt K, Lefebvre R, Tibbles T

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