Parker University Promotes Strength and Human Performance Careers

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With the enormous changes the past few years have brought, everyone has had more than enough time to reflect and consider what positive changes we want to make for our futures. Are you unhappy with your career? Or maybe you want to take the next step to achieve your goals and actually make a difference in the world? It is time to make it happen!

The Master of Science Degree in Strength and Human Performance at Parker University, which is currently offered through distance education, provides an in-depth study of evidence-based research in physiology, biomechanics, and human metabolism, to enhance health, function, and physical performance. Could this be a good fit for you?

Master’s in Strength and Human Performance program specifics

The program’s specific mission is to prepare graduates to apply evidence-based research to promote health, enhance physical performance, and prevent athletic injuries. Students participate in advanced graduate work in research and strengthen their knowledge and application of exercise science. Graduates will have training in cardiac rehabilitation, sports injuries and rehabilitation, and allied health professions and will understand goal-oriented fitness programs.

Strength and Human Performance careers make an impact.

As you plan for your future, in what kind of career do you imagine yourself excelling? What aspects of a job will help fulfill you? Maybe it is a competitive salary, the job’s location, or the opportunity to create a legacy?

Due to the amount of knowledge and expertise gained while obtaining your master’s degree at Parker University, there are countless strength and human performance jobs waiting on you that are not only rewarding, diverse, and lucrative, but that also truly help make a difference in the lives of others. Some of the many career opportunities include:

  • Recreation specialists: These professionals coordinate and supervise recreational programs at parks, cultural services, or sporting events.
  • Physical education teachers and coaches: These athletic professionals instruct students to stay fit through better health practices and exercise and plan lessons to include exercise-related knowledge.
  • Personal trainers: These fitness experts possess the knowledge, skills, and abilities to design safe and effective fitnessprograms for clients. They help by instructing and assisting people pursuing personal health and fitness.
  • Health club managers: These leaders handle daily operations such as hiring, training, and scheduling, planning fitness programming, checking exercise equipment, and maintaining the safety of a club.
  • Wellness specialists: These professionals promote a comprehensive health and wellness program with a range of services designed to improve a client’s health and well-being.
  • Strength and conditioning coaches: These coaches establish strength and conditioning programs for athletes in all sports to improve performance, reduce injury, and teach vital fitness and movement skills.
  • Cardiopulmonary rehabilitation specialists: Rehabilitation specialists help patients diagnosed with a heart or lung disease make lifestyle changes to manage their health problems.
  • Health educators: These professionals develop and implement strategies to improve health and link the community with healthcare resources.

Let’s get you started!

Are you ready to kick-off your career in Strength and Human Performance? With the new year comes new opportunities to grow and start new chapters.

You can easily apply and learn more online. Our Strength and Human Performance degree may be all you need to start making your dreams and career aspirations a reality!