Loan Repayment

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Parker University is here to assist you with the loan repayment process, whether you’re beginning repayment, managing payments, or looking into loan forgiveness; our resource page provides guidance and support.


Parker University wants to be sure you get up-to-date and accurate information about your federal student loans. We also want to supply any help needed to begin repayment of those loans. That’s why we’ve partnered with Student Connections to provide you with additional support.

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Federal Student Loan Updates!

Loan Forgiveness Update​
  • The Supreme Court has ruled against the proposed one-time student loan cancellation based on income.

  • No one who applied and was approved will receive the one-time federal student loan debt relief.
Payment Pause Update
  • All borrowers in the payment pause will start making payments in October 2023.

  • Borrowers who left school April 2023 or later are an exception. They’re still in their automatic grace period and will begin payments when it concludes.

  • You’ll get your bill (including your payment amount and due date) at least 21 days before your due date.

Additional Repayment Resources

Federal Student Aid (FSA) Loan Repayment Resources

Visit the following FSA page to Prepare for Student Loan Payments To Restart

Will you be restarting payments after the Covid-19 payment pause?

Visit the FSA page about repaying student loans for the first time. The content is similar but tailored to your situation.

Are any of your loans in default?

Visit the FSA page about the Fresh Start for loans in default.


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