Get Your Head in the Game at Parker University with the Online Bachelor of Science Degree in Sport Psychology!

Parker University Offers Sport Psychology Program
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Parker University Offers Sport Psychology Program

Imagine being an athlete at the peak of your career when an unexpected injury hits. The physical pain is one thing, but the mental toll can be debilitating, leaving you stuck in a cycle of doubt, fear, and frustration.

Enter a specialist with a Sport Psychology degree from Parker University. Their unique training equips them to navigate the labyrinth of your mind, helping rebuild the confidence that got fractured along with your bones. They stand by your side, teaching you to visualize your success, convert setbacks into comebacks, and turn fear into fortitude. This expert doesn’t just aid in your recovery; they transform it into a mental and emotional comeback journey, paving your road back to the podium. With Parker University’s sport psychologist by your side, an injury isn’t the end of your story, but the beginning of a powerful comeback narrative.

What Do Sport Psychologists Do?

Sport Psychology is put into play when promoting attentional focus, mental toughness, goal setting, motivation, team building, addressing anxiety, rehabilitation after injury, etc. Many Sport Psychologists work in office and hospital environments but also in facilities where athletes practice or train. Luckily enough, this often means you get to spend time on a golf course, on a ski slope, or at the gym!

A Sport Psychology degree puts graduates in a position to successfully support administrators, coaches, athletes, teams, and organizations to advance their careers. With this exciting degree, you develop the unique competitive edge needed to work with all levels of athletes on their motivation, stress management, visualization, teamwork, and the often-complicated psychological factors that directly impact athletic performance.

Sport Psychologists help athletes learn to feel in control when confronting athletic obstacles, help athletes commit to specific goals, develop confidence in their skills, and face various challenges. You inevitably take on the position of a teacher, coach, and mentor.

A graduating student will be able to bring it. Sport Psychologists can:

  • Interpret psychological theories and research trends related to Sport Psychology.
  • Discuss legal and ethical issues around athletic performance.
  • Describe physiological principles of athletic performance and Sport Psychology’s role in improving skills.
  • Analyze and apply techniques to improve athletic performance and enhance mental well-being.
  • Develop critical thinking skills to aid in field research.

Take aTime Out” for These Sport Psychology Fast Facts:

  • Sport Psychology has a 9% expected growth rate through 2031.
  • Around 1,700 openings for exercise physiologists are projected each year, on average.
  • It’s estimated that30 to 50 percent of Division I athletic departments contract Sport Psychologists.
  • An athlete’s ability to succeed is 80% mental.

Parker University’s Online Sport Psychology Degree Program

Parker’s Bachelor of Science in Sport Psychology degree aims to provide students with the critical skills needed to take their game to the next level and grow while getting a professional education focused on Sport Psychology. This degree reflects current trends through the intentional emphasis on scientific research, psychological theory, and practice in coaching and counseling. The curriculum includes foundational courses in general psychology, applied sport psychology, exercise science, and positive leadership.

This new program is excellent for students planning to attend graduate school in Sport Psychology, research, or a related field. This program even offers advanced training for professionals in education, coaching, healthcare, and wellness who wish to enhance their knowledge of Sport Psychology.

The Ball is in Your Court! Parker University is Cheering for You!

Still on the defense? Are you thinking about pursuing a Sport Psychology degree? At Parker University, you have a team backing your goals! To learn more about our new specialized program, click here!