Host a Job Shadow Student

At Parker University we often receive applications from students who are highly interested in chiropractic but have not spent much time in a chiropractic clinic. Many of these students want the opportunity to job shadow a chiropractor before officially enrolling at Parker. This is where our job shadow hosts can help!

When we have a student who is interested in job shadowing a chiropractor before enrolling, we search our job shadow hosts in the immediate area around the prospective student. We reach out to the hosts in the area to schedule a day and time for the prospective student to visit you.

When scheduling, here are a few things to consider:

  • You might want to schedule on a day in which you have some of your long-time patients who can share personal stories of how chiropractic care has had a positive impact on their life
  • Which patients would be most comfortable with a prospective student observing their care
  • Giving a broad demonstration of the types of techniques you utilize in your clinic
  • Allowing your chiropractic assistant to demonstrate the “behind the scenes” aspects of running a chiropractic clinic
  • Reviewing some of our online resources to brush up on basic enrollment information and prerequisites

After the scheduled job shadow experience, an alumni relations employee will follow up with you to hear about the experience and to assist admissions in determining how to follow up with the prospective student.

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