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Discover Parker University’s groundbreaking technology, embracing a hands-on approach to healthcare education, combining innovation with practical learning. Explore innovative tools that empower students with authentic experiences
in anatomy and clinical settings, revolutionizing the educational experience.

Revolutionizing anatomy education

VH Dissector & Sectra Educational Portal

Interact with virtual cadavers and clinical imaging libraries using VH Dissector and Sectra Education Portal. Utilizing images from the National Library of Medicine’s Visible Human Project, students interact with 3D cross-sectional views of a virtual cadaver. The virtual dissector allows students to identify, dissect, and rotate images through self-exploration or guided by their faculty. VHD provides resources like a bone lab, clinical rotations, prosections, step-by-step dissections, and a cross-sectional atlas. Students receive a license to download this great tool on a personal device such as a laptop or iPad to access it even when not on campus.

Through our partnership with Touch of Life Technologies (TolTech), Parker University also offers a Sectra Education portal to our learners. This built-in PACS library integrates with VH Dissector, providing a library of cases and studies useful in clinical imaging.



SimX is a cutting-edge tool to enhance medical education by providing students with invaluable hands-on experience in various healthcare scenarios. This immersive learning environment allows them to practice medical procedures, make critical decisions, and develop essential clinical skills in a safe and controlled setting. SimX’s flexibility enables Parker University educators to tailor custom-made simulations to match specific training needs, ensuring students receive targeted and effective instruction. As a result, Parker University students are better prepared to confidently enter the real-world healthcare environment, offering the potential to improve patient care and outcomes through their enhanced training experiences.


Bodyswaps provides soft skill simulation in a virtual reality format. Students participate in immersive scenarios like job interviews, public speaking, customer care, and conflict management using a virtual reality headset, mobile device, or personal computer. Learners receive immediate and personalized feedback in a safe space, which helps them practice empathy and perspective-taking.

Next-level clinical judgement

Elsevier Shadow Health

Empowering students to practice clinical judgment skills in a high-fidelity screen-based format, Shadow Health allows learners to communicate with patients using real-world scenarios. Students interact with more than 60 diverse patients to hone their skills in patient interviewing, physical exams, education and empathy, and documentation. Faculty receive immediate, valid, and reliable measurements of clinical reasoning.

Immersive Campus Experience

VictoryXR Metaversity

A leading provider of virtual classrooms and campuses in the virtual reality realm, VictoryXR and Parker University created a Metaversity, which is a “digital twin” replica of the physical campus in Dallas, Texas. This platform allows the campus community to have meetings and class sessions in a virtual reality environment. With access to a hyper-realistic 3D environment and thousands of assets, learners can have hands-on, collaborative experiences in a remote setting.


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