Diagnostic Cardiovascular Sonography AAS Admissions Requirements

Associate of Applied Science with a major in Diagnostic Cardiovascular Sonography

The Diagnostic Cardiovascular Sonography (DCS) Program considers for admission those applicants who demonstrate exceptional academic and professional potential essential for successful completion of the program. Completion of general education courses does not guarantee admittance, the DCS program Admissions Committee reviews all completed application packets. Admission into this program is competitive, therefore all requirements must be met. Interested individuals are advised to complete their application as early as possible to ensure timely consideration.

Application Due Date Diagnostic Cardiovascular Sonography start date
July 1 Fall – September

Admission Requirements

Application for admission to Parker University is a separate process which must be completed prior to applying to the Diagnostic Cardiovascular Sonography program. Please see the Parker University website (http://www.parker.edu ) for the Parker University admission process.

All applicants applying for admission into the DCS program must complete and meet the following requirements:

  • Students are required to successfully complete all prerequisite classes for the Associate of Science in Diagnostic Cardiovascular Sonography.
  • A grade of “C” or better in all courses and a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 (on a 4.0 scale) must be earned to be eligible to progress to the professional phase of the program.
  • An acceptable level -3 criminal background screening will be required for all beginning the program. Students with criminal charges and /or convictions may not be eligible for admission.
  • A drug and alcohol screening will be required for all students beginning the program.
  • Completion of any healthcare degree (ex. RT. RN. LPN/LVN. PA. DC. MD.) which requires licensure must submit proof of good standing.
  • Each DCS applicant is asked to complete a personal essay regarding the following prompt: Why did you choose a career in Diagnostic Cardiovascular Sonography, outline your specific career goals in medical imaging and what can you tell us about sonography?  Using the criteria above, the essay will be examined by all committee members.

Diagnostic Cardiovascular Sonography program online application and all required documents must be submitted by the designated due date. Incomplete applications and/or requirements, in addition to applications received after the application due date will NOT be accepted. NO EXCEPTIONS. Submission of application does not guarantee an interview. Interviews will be determined by the amount of applicants each year.

Incomplete applications and/or requirements, in addition to applications received after the application due date will NOT be accepted.

Diagnostic Cardiovascular Sonography Major Application