Parker University’s Chiropractor Approved Ways to Beat the Heat!

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When you think about summertime, especially here in Texas, one of the first things that probably comes to mind is the grueling temperatures. Calling it “hot” here is an understatement. Regardless of the time of year, daily exercise and an overall healthy lifestyle are vital components to enjoy our lives and the future. Are you taking some time to keep your spirit and body as healthy as possible? Although there are many outdoor activities we enjoy during these warmest months of the year, there are some spine-friendly activities that may help you get a thumbs-up of approval from your chiropractor.

Hitting the gym or taking long runs outside in the Texas heat can seem no less than excruciating. So, maybe you can switch up your workout routine! What are some of these spine-friendly sports for the warmest months of the year? Try swimming, yoga, riding a bike, or hiking. Not only can these activities help beat the heat, but they can also help keep your chiropractor happy with your thoughtful, body-conscious choices!

Chiropractor Approved Activities

Swimming helps fight neck, back, and shoulder pain and only strengthens your muscles during the process. Swimming is low-impact and helps improve posture and flexibility. Water helps reduce the repeated stress your back would generally take during a workout while improving your blood circulation. Does the thought of swimming laps become too repetitive for you? No problem! Why not try other water-related activities like water aerobics, water volleyball, paddle boarding, or even snorkeling?

Yoga also provides a fantastic outlet for both your mind and body. While you can take advantage of the air conditioning inside a gym or studio to experience this practice, many classes take place in local outdoor spaces during cooler morning hours. Chiropractors tend to approve of yoga as it is beneficial for areas all over the body, especially to help combat lower back pain that may have become all too familiar if you have been working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Hiking is another great activity, especially if you can hit the trails in the early morning or evening hours when the sun won’t scorch or burn your skin. Connecting with nature and stepping away from your phone and technology can work wonders for your mental health and body. And the feeling you get once you know you have done something good for you cannot be beaten.

Don’t let the summer heat be an excuse to stay stationed in front of the television. And don’t forget to let your chiropractor know how proactive you are when it comes to taking your spine health seriously … you just might impress them!

Chiropractic Care for Your Unique Health Journey

If you are not already seeing a chiropractor, it is always a great idea to add chiropractic care to the mix of your continuous health journey. Chiropractors alleviate pain areas in the spine and help you achieve a pain-free, strong spine. Yes, regular chiropractic adjustments are safe! This popular and effective treatment option can help you maintain overall spinal health, so your active lifestyle doesn’t have to slow down as you age.

Interested in a Chiropractic Career?

The prestigious Doctor of Chiropractic program at Parker University in Dallas provides a 10-trimester comprehensive curriculum. Its integrated clinical experience and emphasis on research provide a competitive education, setting up students to be industry leaders. With an expected 12 percent growth rate for chiropractic careers and 5,900 projected new jobs through 2026, Parker University graduates are equipped to be successful in office-based clinics, senior care facilities, sports health facilities, hospitals, and other areas.

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