Why is it so important for Parker University to recognize annual occasions like World Spine Day and National Chiropractic Health Month? For one, National Chiropractic Health Month aims to promote non-drug practices for pain, which is vitally important in today’s world of opioid addiction. Raising public awareness of this growing problem improves access to non-drug pain relief options like chiropractic and helps fight against prescription drug abuse and overuse. In addition, each year, World Spine Day highlights the burden of spinal pain and disability worldwide. World Spine Day also brings attention to a global commitment to tackling spinal pain and disability by governments, communities, and public health groups.

Parker University Recognizes World Spine Day

October 16, 2023, will officially mark this year’s annual World Spine Day, promoting the campaign for people to care for their spines by staying active! This year’s theme is “Move Your Spine!” With health professionals, exercise and rehabilitation experts, public health advocates, schoolchildren, and patients participating, World Spine Day is celebrated on every continent.

World Spine Day is part of the Global Alliance of Musculoskeletal Health’s Bone and Joint Decade Action Week. Organized by the World Federation of Chiropractic, World Spine Day has more than 800 official organizational supporters worldwide. Evidence has shown that immobility and a lack of physical activity contribute to spinal pain and disability, so “Move Your Spine” encourages people worldwide to support spinal health through movement.

“Move Your Spine” focuses on various types of spinal pain and disability at home, in the workplace, schools, and our communities. It will highlight how people from all backgrounds can help their spines by staying mobile, avoiding physical inactivity, and adopting healthy habits like weight loss and smoking cessation.

Did You Know?

Low and middle-income countries often have limited access to healthcare resources or spinal health professionals. Supporting these populations and communities in self-managing spinal conditions is essential. Back pain afflicts millions of people, impacting industry and the economy.

An estimated one billion people worldwide suffer from spinal pain. It affects people across the life course and is the most significant single cause of disability. Effective management and prevention are vital, and this year’s World Spine Day will encourage people to be kind to their spines. Promotion of physical activity, good posture, responsible lifting, and healthy working conditions will all feature as people are encouraged to look after their spines and stay active.

Populations in underserved parts of the world often have no access to conventional healthcare resources to care for spinal pain and disability. Dedicated spinal health professionals do not exist in many parts of the world, so helping people to self-manage their conditions is very important. Even in high-income countries, back pain afflicts millions of people, resulting in an enormous impact on industry and the economy.

Ready to get involved, move your spine, and learn more about this vital health initiative? Visit worldspineday.org for all this year’s World Spine Day information!

Parker University Recognizes National Chiropractic Health Month

The American Chiropractic Association (ACA) and DCs nationwide will celebrate National Chiropractic Health Month (NCHM) 2023 this October! This year’s theme is “Chiropractic: Relieve, Restore, Resume.” The campaign is designed to bring attention to the impact of chronic pain and the importance of non-drug approaches like chiropractic services for effective pain management. NCHM is a nationwide observance held each October. The event helps to raise public awareness of the benefits of chiropractic care and its natural, evidence-based, patient-centered, and drug-free approach to health and wellness.

Did You Know?

During NCHM 2023, chiropractors raise extra awareness of chronic pain and chiropractic’s evidence-based, patient-centered, non-drug approach, encouraging chiropractic care to relieve pain, restore function, and resume memorable activities that matter most.

A variety of resources and participation ideas are available at acatoday.org/NCHM! Click here to view ACA’s consumer information website if you are looking for additional information about chiropractic or a local DC.

Utilizing Professional Chiropractic Associations

Parker University is involved with each of these notable associations with goals and objectives designed to promote and grow the chiropractic industry and its impactful reach. Educating the public about valuable resources and taking care of their health is the mission of each of these groups.

Click on any of the following professional chiropractic organizations to learn more about their mission, resources, educational materials, and outreach to communities.

It provides professional and educational opportunities for members and is committed to being a positive force for modern chiropractic.

Check out ACA’s blog by clicking here!

The WFC wants to support chiropractors in helping patients live happier, healthier, and more active lives.

Check out the TCA blog here!

Parker University Promotes All Chiropractic Schools Leading the Way to the Future

There are a variety of prestigious schools to attend to obtain your DC degree. An innovative and thorough education prepares students to enter the chiropractic profession with integrity, knowledge, and experience. The opportunities to conduct research, pioneer new techniques, and develop practices make the proper education of vital importance.

Click on any school below to learn more about specific DC programs accepting students.

Don’t Let the Exciting Momentum Stop Here

Countless recommended reading lists and online platforms provide reliable and innovative information regarding all things chiropractic. From books and journals to blogs and online classes, there is always an opportunity to learn and grow!

Check out some of these reliable publications and news sources!

Parker University Encourages You to Get Out and Make a Difference

Now, it’s time to take matters into your own hands! You can easily take active steps towards maintaining your spinal health and understanding the actual value of drug-free chiropractic care.

Your participation in these annual causes can help bring awareness to both vitally important causes. How can you help? Share the blog, explore available resources, and spread awareness about spinal health and National Chiropractic Health Month!