Called to the Cause – Parker University’s Online Degree Program in Public Health

Parker University Master of Public Health Degree
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Parker University Master of Public Health Degree

As a student, choosing where to apply your unique talents and skillset is a crucial process directly tied to your future and career success. (No pressure, right?) Many of us have a sincere interest in healthcare professions because we feel called to the cause – called to provide essential care, challenge the norm, and educate ourselves in order to help educate and make a difference in the lives of others. You can make your goals a reality when considering a career in public health!

You’ve got questions, and we have answers! Why should I pursue a career in public health?

It’s simple – to help improve health on a significant community level. Preventing illness and standing at the forefront of such a rapidly evolving field requires new professionals who can protect and enhance the health of various populations, tackle challenging community issues, and educate the public regarding different health situations. Public healthprofessionals analyze critical data, influence public policy, conduct extremely necessary new health research, and so much more. Talk about a rewarding career choice!

A master’s degree in public health (MPH) from Parker University paves the way for students to acquire high-paying jobs and engage in important professional responsibilities. Many healthcare facilities, healthcare organizations and professions, and the field of education can require that employees hold a master’s degree.

Have you considered how a rewarding career in public health puts you in a position to serve others and make a real difference in your community?  

The broad scope of a public health career focuses on practitioners who plan, implement, and evaluate programs designed to meet the health needs of populations in the community. Parker University’s MPH program provides students with hands-on experience and thorough knowledge of biostatistics, epidemiology, environmental health sciences, social and behavioral sciences, health services administration, health promotion, etc.

You have my attention … now what?

Where do you see yourself thriving career-wise in the future? What type of professional work environment would give you the energy needed to succeed? We want you to really grasp what Parker University’s Public Health program is all about.

The concept of Parker University’s public health program centers around the science of protecting and improving the health of people and their communities. In terms of real-world application, this essential work is achieved by healthcare professionals who are devoted to promoting healthy lifestyles, researching disease and injury prevention, and detecting, preventing, and responding to infectious diseases. There are several diverse and vital public health sectors, including epidemiology, health promotion, maternal and child health, health policy, and occupational health. Is there an area that interests you most? Parker University has you covered!

An online master’s degree program created with you in mind!

Parker University’s MPH degree develops critical leaders who stop at nothing to improve the lives of others by diminishing health disparities and contributing to this profession through educational resources, community service, and innovative research.

Parker University prepares students for the thousands of expected new public health jobs! Did you know …

  • The public health career field for epidemiologists is expected to experience a 32% growth rate by 2029
  • 422,000+ public health positions will need to be filled by 2029
  • $100,980 is the expected median income for public health professionals
  • Recently, the White House announced an investmentto recruit public health workers and support the growth of state and local public health departments.
  • The Bureau of Labor Statistics shares that the healthcare industry is likely to add more jobs than any other industry in the approaching decade.

Our online healthcare program ensures that students are grounded in foundational public health knowledge, so our MPH program focuses on the following:

  • Evidence-based approaches
  • Public health and healthcare systems
  • Planning and management to promote health
  • Policy in public health
  • Leadership
  • Communication
  • Interprofessional practice
  • Systems thinking

(You can check out specific courses in Parker’s required curriculum here)!

Specifically, Parker University offers two program concentrations: Health Promotion and Epidemiology. These programs are entirely online, feature small class sizes, etc. Our online classes make your educational journey more accessible and can be completed in parallel with your unique schedule and availability.

  • Parker’s MPH Epidemiology program prepares students for specialization in advanced quantitative methods of epidemiology and its applications for health research, policymaking, and program implementation.
  • Parker’s MPH Health Promotion program provides students with the knowledge and skills for applied public health practice in the private and public sectors related to population health.

No matter what your personal and professional goals are, we’re here to help you succeed and land an important public health job that genuinely makes a difference in the lives and health of others! We all strive to make our mark on the world … why not make public health yours?

Parker University would love to hear from you! Do you meet the program’s admission requirements and still have important questions for us? Want to learn more? Check out our public health program page for additional information or to apply for our MPH program today!