Future Alumni Spotlight

Matt Claggett

Matthew Claggett, DC student, Tri-7

What made you decide to pursue a career as a chiropractor?

There is the story of why I started to pursue Chiropractic and the story of why I still pursue Chiropractic today.

The story that brought me to Chiropractic was because of a Chiropractor that allowed me to finish my senior season of college football because of his care. He allowed me to shadow and help out at his office. I got exposed to really seeing what an office was like where people loved to come in and was absolutely blown away by the culture of the practice.

The story of why I’m still in school and was also in my Talk the Tic presentation, was the story of how Chiropractic helped my family and in particular my brother. My brother is autistic, and when he began digressing at a young age, it took a stressful toll on our family. Coming to Chiropractic school and learning about the power of the Chiropractic adjustment, I paid to send my brother to local Chiropractor, Dr. David Waller, who continues to take excellent care of my brother. After some time under care, my brother began to act differently. He is more open, gives hugs to us when he previously didn’t, and even told our grandmother over the phone that he loved her on his own. He is by no means cured but our family continues to grow closer and have hope for the future. This experience has solidified my aspirations for being a family practice Chiropractor and my aim is one day have the largest family practice in Texas.

What led you to Parker University?

Dr. Dan Traxler, an alumnus to the college, originally pointed me in the direction of Parker University and when I went to explore the university, I really fell in love with the culture and family atmosphere. The traditions, Parker Principles and those who embrace the philosophy of chiropractic really won me over and inspired me to dare to be a Parker Patriot.

Congratulations on being Parker University Talk the TIC champion! Tell me about your experience in the competition.

It was an absolutely amazing experience. I am honored to have the opportunity to represent our school in an international competition and I got to learn and grow so much from the experience. It was a blast getting to know the other competitors from all the other schools including Barcelona and New Zealand and seeing what their schools are like. It was such an interesting experience being around the other competitors. Although we were competing against each other and were technically rivals, there was an air of comradely and support between us. Dr. Erik Van Slooten did a fantastic job organizing things for us and I really do thank him from the bottom of my heart for his vision and dedication to the students and future professionals.

Being on the actual stage was a whirlwind of emotions. I was the 5th on the lineup and every emotion possible ran through my mind but as I got up on stage and faced the crowd, a strange calm and passion came over me all throughout telling my story. Even with the additional obstacle of my mike not being on for the first 15 seconds of my presentation, I was congratulated by many people on a job well done. Despite the adversities and some tough competition, I ended up getting second place overall. It was an awesome experience and if the opportunity arises, I intend on taking first the next year.

What are your long term goals?

A goal while I am in school is to be able to serve those in Haiti in April of 2016 through Dr. Peter Morgan of Mission Life International in helping bring much needed Chiropractic care to those in a third world country. For those that may wish to help me get there, I am collecting donations via gofundme and the link to my account is: https://www.gofundme.com/j9tqn6qk. Thank you for your time and consideration.

My long term goals are to open up a family Chiropractic practice in which we will deliver excellent Chiropractic care and also empower families with knowledge to take control of their health in their lives. It is also my goal to one day come back to school and teach so I can pay it forward to the next generation of Chiropractors.

Who has made the most impact on your career and what would you like to say to them?

I have had many mentors that have helped shaped and change me to the person that I am today and continue to do so, to name a few I want to give credit to Dr. Ryan Yates who dared to challenge my thinking and motivated me to dig deeper to find myself. Because of him, I was inspired to get my brother under Chiropractic care which has had profound effects both for my family and myself. Dr. Eric Russell is and continues to be a steadfast mentor who guides me, teaches me and supports me despite the many responsibilities he has. Dr. Kristina Stitcher has been an inspirational role model who somehow always made the time to teach and inspire others in her time at Parker as well as me. Her guidance and dedication to us students has helped shaped our culture and mindset toward a brighter future. Finally Dr. David Waller, who not only takes care of my family but also takes the extra time out of his day to instruct other students and myself in the ways of Chiropractic and always challenges me to strive for better. To each and every mentor I thank you from the bottom of my heart and hope to one day to pay it forward to others as you have so unselfishly done for me.

Alasha Young

Alasha Shyann Young, DC Student, Tri-5

You brought many events to campus such the Adjusting Ninjas to campus and ART for Adjust Club. What drives you to do what you do?

What drives me to go above and beyond for the student body of Parker is my deep love for Chiropractic. I want every student to have the opportunities I have been given within Chiropractic, and for them to be able to thrive making massive waves in their communities. I think it is extremely important to have programs on campus that keep future doctors continually training. Learning to go above and beyond in school will create the habit of the continued learning process throughout our entire career. We will be responsible for taking care of people the day that we get into clinic, which means it is of utmost importance that our art is continuously growing to the next level. By bringing more opportunities to the student body, we are all able to better and sooner serve our patients. The betterment of all chiropractic patients is the fuel that drives me, personally, to do all that I do for the student body.

What made you come to Parker?

What made me choose Parker is the instant connection and community I felt when visiting the Campus. I loved all of the techniques offered by Parker, as well as the diversity within the faculty. I quickly saw how this environment could allow each student to express the best of themselves.

What are your plans for post Parker?

When graduating from Parker my plan is to move back to Oklahoma City and open up my own family practice while specializing in Prenatal and Pediatric Chiropractic.

If you could, what is the one thing you want to change in the profession?

If I could change one thing about the profession it would be the understanding of what we do and why. I wish more people understood and appreciated what Chiropractic has to offer. With more people having the Chiropractic mindset then society could be redirected from looking for expression and enhancement of life and focus their attention within. This all starts with the doctor and certainty. The deeper we understand the significance of a Chiropractic adjustment, the bigger our vision can be!

Any advice for upcoming students?

To stay focused on the why behind your journey of becoming a Chiropractor. To remember that we are becoming Chiropractors on purpose and with a purpose. To stay present in the moment. Also, to surround yourself with people that are willing and want to elevate the profession as a whole. A strong support system is key, surround yourself with people that will push you to be the best doctor you can be.

Alex Sosa

Alex Sosa, MT Student

Tell us something about yourself?

I am a conscientious, mission driven individual looking to make a positive change in the community.

What made you choose to become a MT?

I first hand witnessed the direct benefits of massage. I decided then and their, I wanted to expand my conciseness and learn from the best.

What led you to Parker University?

Word of mouth. The Parker Legacy & Family is a big one!

What are some of your favorite moments here at Parker?

I will never forget our Parker Thanksgiving Meal. The amazing food, Parker Family and the holiday memories.

What are your long term goals?

I hope to open a Holistic private practice where bodywork practitioners and like minded individuals can discuss and share their knowledge to the general public.


Andrew Etuk , DC Student Tri-9

What Drew you Chiropractic and Parker University?

I’ve always been fascinated with the human body and health care field. I began this journey in medical school and about a year into it I wasn’t satisfied and felt like something was missing. I was fortunate to speak with a chiropractor that graduated from Parker and she introduced me to what would be the best career of my life.

What have you done to get the most out of our education and time here at Parker?

I have perfected my adjusting skills by attending event such as adjusthaton and other off campus seminars, after hours and workshops. I’ve also benefited from the knowledge passed on from several professors including Dr. Giggleman, Dr. Micheal Hall and Dr. Marzban.

What are your plans for after you graduate?

I plan on opening my own practice here in Dallas.

Who has made the most impact on your career and how?

Several individuals including Dr. Giggleman, Dr. Hall and Dr. Marzban. These distinguish professors have put their time and sacrifice into the art of educating young aspiring chiropractors in school.

Any words for upcoming DC students?

Study the philosophy of chiropractic, study early, avoid procrastination, attend seminars, after hours and the adjust club.

Dr. Murray

Daniel Murray, DC Student, Tri-7

What led to you pursue a career as a chiropractor and choosing Parker University?

During my last few years as a teacher I became increasingly interested in health, and after recovering from an auto-immune condition through high-frequency Chiropractic care I received an invitation to join the profession from my high school buddy and good friend Dr. James Bridges (Parker ’08). I went to Half Priced Books and was lucky enough to stumble upon Fred Barge’s classic text “Are you the Doctor, Doctor?” I stayed up late into the night reading the book and in the wee hours of the morning I decided to apply to Parker University. I was accepted in the spring and notified the school where I was teaching that I would not be returning in the fall, instead pursuing my DC at Parker. I choose Parker based on the recommendation of Dr. Bridges and the proximity to my family and friends.

Congratulations on your new position as Student Senate President. What made you decide to run for position?

I decided to run for the SBP position in order to effect change. With almost a decade spent in education, I have had a unique perspective as I navigated through the program and have noticed a few areas that could use some improvement. I am hoping to work with faculty and administration to facilitate change in the classroom with the hope of elevating Parker to it’s previous notoriety as “The Harvard of Chiropractic”.

What do you want to accomplish while you are in this role?

My top priorities at this time are expanding the presence and utilization of the McCoy Press Online research data on campus. Currently the research being presented in the DC program leaves something to be desired, in my opinion. Quality case studies in the JUCCR are a great way to build confidence in the ability of Chiropractic to effect global change in health for any individual under consistent, long-term care. I would also like to see a “drilling culture” emerge in the adjusting classes, where students are taught how to practice the art on speeder boards. Lastly I am encouraging all faculty to begin each class with something related to Chiropractic, whether it be a short adjusting video, demonstration, reading from the Green Books, etc. I feel that even two minutes at the top of the hour could inspire and encourage students to stay focused in what is undeniably a grueling curriculum.

Who has made the most impact on your career and what would you like to say to them?

Dr. Steve Hays. There is no question in my mind that Dr. Hays is the man that I look up to the most in the profession. By attending seminars and meetings with Dr. Hays I feel like I have gained the business acumen and confidence in my communication that is necessary to not only survive, but thrive in practice. His approach to incorporating love into practice methods, while eliminating distractions and keeping things simple has made a huge impact in not only my professional approach, but in my personal life as well. I admire the subluxation-based model that he has created, which focuses on long-term corrective care and low force adjusting. Low overhead, streamlined procedures that are easy to follow, and integrated technology like the Seamless EHR system all contribute to his success and why I believe he is the man to follow in Chiropractic.

What are some of your favorite moments here at Parker?

I have found that here at Parker, the music is truly in between the notes. Some of my favorite moments have come in conversations with my peers following strenuous 12-hour days. Just sitting in the parking lot discussing Chiropractic Philosophy, our plans for the future, and dissecting the information that had been presented that day in class. Life-long friendships with people like Mark Torrie, Kael Moulton, Emily Rose Whisman, Dr. David Bynum, Dr. Pierre Quiroz, Dr. Janrai Gravely, and of course Dr. Ryan Yates began in the walls of this institution, and for that I am forever grateful.


David Bynum, DC Student Tri-9

What made you decide to come to Parker University?

Five years ago I broke my back in a debilitating snowboard accident. I was laid up for the rest of that spring and summer. I finally took the advise of my two brother in laws who are both chiropractors in Oklahoma. I went under chiropractic care. Within one adjustment I went from not being able to walk under my own power to walking. I knew from that moment on that I wanted to be a Doctor of Chiropractic. I followed the advise of my brother in law Doctor Heath Travis who is a Parker grad and immediately enrolled to Parker in the undergraduate program by that fall.

What have you done to get the most out of our education and time here at Parker?

To get the most out of the chiropractic program here at Parker I believe it is vital to get a strong grasp of the science of chiropractic and understand why we do what we do through it’s philosophy. That coupled with surrounding yourself with the other students who are constantly striving to grow and staying away from the negative people and ideals.

What are your plans for after you graduate?

I plan on opening up my own practice right out of the gate and will most likely stay in the north Dallas area.

Who has made the most impact on your career and how?

Dr. Heath Travis has had the biggest impact on my time here at Parker constantly steering me in the right direction and introducing me to many DC’s that I have shadowed and who have mentored me.

Any words for upcoming DC students?

My advise to upcoming students would be get your hands on as many spines as you can and build your confidence levels in your skills. Take time to shadow doctors that you want to practice like and go to the library and listen to all the great chiropractors on DVD in the Parker Seminar section. There you will find the wisdom of Jim Parker. The passion of Sigafoose the inspiration from Demartini and the motivation of Mancini just to name a few. Time spent listening and studying all the greats that have gone before us will ignite a fire that will carry you through the difficult times here at Parker.


Jacob Coffman, Tri 6 Dialogue Editor

What led you to pursue a career in Chiropractic and choosing Parker?

I chose Chiropractic because I knew I wanted to do something to help people but didn’t know what that was. However, after attending FOCUS in Oklahoma City my Junior year of Undergrad I realized that the Philosophy of Chiropractic was something the really resonated with me. I then went around and asked the Chiropractors that were there what schools were the best schools in Chiropractic, they gave me the name of three schools and Parker was one of them. After visiting Parker and meeting some of the professors I knew Parker was the right school for me.

Congratulations on the publication of Parker Dialogue and what are you hoping to accomplish with this paper?

Well thank you very much we are all very excited about getting it up and running. One thing I love about Parker is the promotion of critical thought that starts in trimester 1 here at Parker and because we have so many awesome influential professors here at Parker we wanted to really create a “Dialogue” about Chiropractic where both students and faculty could write, discussing about where the profession is at and where it is going as well as add onto the already great information that we receive here at Parker.

What inspire your group to produce this newspaper?

One of the Parker Principles is, “Develop a compassion to serve greater than a compulsion to survive.” We hope to get even more amazing information to the students here at Parker and throughout the profession so that they and we can become the greatest generation of Chiropractors that we can be.

Where can we find a copy?

All of our issues can be found online at parkerdialogue.com, we also are selling ads and accept donations so that we are able to have hard copy print issues on campus.

What are some of your favorite moments here at Parker?

My favorite moments here at Parker have been the one on one discussions that I’ve had with professors here The professors are always available for the students and want to help us become the best Doctors that we can be.

Janrai Gravely

Janrai Gravely, DC student, Tri-10

What are your plans for the future?

Chiropractic was something I always put aside but always helped me with aliments so it was always my Plan B. I went on to finish undergraduate in Nashville then played professional soccer directly after in Brazil. I achieved my childhood dream and then I suffered the worst injury ever experienced which limited every daily activity I encountered. I was eventually released and in my darkest times Chiropractic school was still there and I figured … why not?

So I flew from São Paulo to Dallas and went to Parker right away knowing that I never wanted anyone else to have to endure the pain I did of not being able to pursue a childhood dream.

What are your plans for the future?

Move to Austin and start a successful practice where I can inspire others to a healthier lifestyle. I also plan on starting a Mission Trip organization and do whatever I can to pay it forward to the next generation because if you never pass the torch you can’t receive the light.

Who has made the most impact on your career and what would you like to say to them?

There are too many people to include on this list from family to doctors and fellow students I’ve been fortunate enough to cross paths with.

If I had to pin point one person it would be my mom. She is the strongest person I’ve ever known and without her love and support I am not the man I am today. I have gotten myself into some iffy situations and she is always there no matter what to help guide me back on the path. I tell her every day that I love her but I would say thank you mom, you are my everything and you keep me going when I think I have nothing left and inspire the Bigness inside of me.

What are some of your favorite moments here at Parker?

Oh there have been quite a few colorful moments on my end! However some of the better ones have been creating Adjust Club, passing every class (somehow), and seeing the rebirth of the Adjust-a-thon.

Any advice for upcoming students?

If you’re not in a stage of Challenge, you’re not Growing. Don’t listen to the naysayers because opinions are the cheapest commodity on Earth, where the more that circulate the less it’s worth. Always have gratitude and love of the heart and certainty and presence of the mind, with that you manifest something greater than yourself and bring about a healing that helps evolve humanity. We need more of that.

Josh Harper

Joshua Harper, DC student, tri-9

Tell us something about yourself?

Because of Parker, I now consider naps my single most favorite hobby.

Thank you for your service in the Air Force. What made you decide to pursue a career in Chiropractic?

After my time in the Air Force, serving in the military police and medical service functions, my passion for health and wellness continued to grow. I knew that I would be furthering my education post service. I was kind of funneled into Chiropractic from my experiences. I worked as a personal trainer for about 5 years where I was fortunate to work with and alongside shadowing many different medical professionals from all specialties. As my passion for getting people healthy snowballed, I realized that I had a strong prevention-based philosophy and that our western approach to medicine and health was a totally different animal and mindset. After working with several Chiropractic mentors, Medical doctors and Physical Therapists over the span of about five years, I realized that I was a perfect match for Chiropractic. Having the ability to change people’s lives through nutrition, exercise and stress reduction was already in my tool box, but being able integrate a much stronger understanding of the human body through an emphasis of the mind body connection via neurology, physiology, and bio mechanics, gives me the confidence I was looking for to take holistic patient care to a much higher level. The curriculum at Parker is a great foundation to learn and grow from, especially if you want to become a primary care doctor that can manage a diverse patient base.

What are your plans for after graduation?

Originally, my plans after graduation were, other than taking extra naps, to go right into practice for myself here in the states, but recently I have decided to become an associate or an independent contractor while pursuing a diplomate in Functional Neurology.

What would you like to say to future students?

My advice to future students, is to learn as much as you can from multiple perspectives and philosophies. Chiropractic has a great philosophy and blends well with those coming from a health and wellness background. Also, there are hundreds of techniques in Chiropractic and they all work to some extent for different patients. Master the science behind what is you do and continue to refine what it is you thought you knew. This allows you to more accurately predict and consistently improve patient outcomes. Treat the patient not their condition or label. Patients are looking for an unbiased and well in-formed opinion from their doctors, but mostly they just want someone to take the time to get to the root cause of what it is they came to see you for. Lastly, there are an endless array of seminars you will have access to as a student. Set funds aside for this because this is important to do. This will increase your confidence and ability to care for patients on a deeper level. As they say, you don’t know what you don’t know. With that said, if you have a true passion and desire to get people well, you will have the motivation to get through the program and succeed at whatever style of Chiropractic you choose.

What are some of your favorite moments here at Parker?

There are so many favorite moments. If I had to choose one, it would have to do with the first time I had a serious case in clinic. The patient was able to walk out of the clinic with a smile on his face after limping in with sharp shooting pain into the calf. He was one phone call away from scheduling a back surgery. When you get to start implementing what you’ve learned in the clinic setting and seeing patients get well and know that it will have a ripple effect to everyone they come into contact with, it really makes all those long nights of incessant studying for exam after exam, with little to no sleep, worth the effort.

Lucy Ann Aguinaga

Lucy Ann Aguinaga, MT class of 2015 and DC student

Congratulations on your recent graduation from the College of Health and Sciences! What made you decide to become an MT?

What attracted me to massage therapy was primarily because I enjoy working closely with others, and I have the opportunity to affect positive change through touch, also I thought of Massage Therapy as being one of the key ingredients to being a successful Chiropractor.

What made you decide to continue your education to become a DC?

Becoming a Doctor of Chiropractic has been my goal since my sophomore year in High School. Why? Because indirectly it is what I feel my purpose is. From my clinic experience from massage therapy, I noticed I felt a great satisfaction knowing that the pain and the movement restrictions where gone after the session, now, having to get the chance of bringing patients to total alignment, would be an ever better feeling. Experiencing the Parker environment, I know that this is the perfect place to fulfill my goal , where both students and staff share the same ultimate principle of wellness.

What are your short and long term goals?

I’d like to think that goals are achieved by gathering up your tools; which are your experiences, knowledge, and unique characteristics about you and placing them in a tool box, of course hypothetically. And as you put a goal in front of you, you’d pull out what is needed. As to my Long term goal, which is be academically successful on my journey at parker and graduate as a DC, I’d need discipline, set priorities, and be intuitive, also have ambition and passion for my career. Nevertheless, one of my main short term goal as a massage therapy is to emphasize on one specific modality, and continue towards the Associates of Applied science with a Major in Massage Therapy.

What are some of your favorite moments here at Parker?

One of my favorite moments at Parker was having the opportunity to attend a hands-on chair massage event, and also working closely with FC Dallas. Not only that but the chance of learning something new every day, and completely understand the concepts of the lectures; I have to say thanks to the perseverance and dedication of each and one of the instructors, and the awesomeness of our Director Dr. Drew Riffe, my experience of each and every single unforgettable moment spent wouldn’t have been the same.

Any words for upcoming students?

Definitely keep an updated checklist in hand with what you need to accomplish each week. You’d be surprised on how productive your week was by the end, and most importantly share a smile here and there, you’d achieve a positive impact on yourself and your peer.

Standard Process Paul Shrogin

Paul Abram Shrogin, Tri-10 Student

What led to you pursue a career as a chiropractor and choosing Parker University?

For many years I have known that my future lay in health care. It took until about 4 years ago for me to realize how perfectly chiropractic fits the model that I identify with. Chiropractic stresses the understanding of the structure and function of the human body and emphasizes care that supports that. Be it neurology, physiology, nutrition, movement or any other facet of health, as a Chiropractor we have the unique ability to understand, educate and treat in a manner consistent with the expression of life. No other career that I have found can make the same claim.

After visiting a number of institutions I felt that Parker University was head and shoulders above the rest, both academically and technologically. The campus is beautiful and the classrooms and equipment are maintained and up-to-date. The student body is large enough to support a host of specialties and clubs, and small enough for personal attention. The faculty is friendly, knowledgeable and helpful.

What do you see yourself doing in the next 5 years?

I plan to open my own practice and operate a wellness and lifestyle based clinic that caters as a primary care facility to families and individuals. I see the practice being a place where someone can come both for symptomatic care as well as a location where they can learn how to improve their health and their life. Someday I hope that the clinic becomes a haven of mentorship for up and coming Chiropractors.

Who has made the most impact on your career and what would you like to say to them?

It is incredibly difficult to say that only one person made an impact during my career as a student. I have a multitude of mentors and supporters, academically, professionally and personally, I hope they all know who they are, how incredibly thankful I am and how lucky I feel for them to have taken a personal interest in my success. I know that I would not be where I am today were it not for the people that have surrounded me through this program, including family, friends, peers, professors, faculty and those representing the healthcare field.

What are some of your favorite moments here at Parker?

Aside from the last day of week 15 each trimester, my favorite moments have involved the people that share in this program with me: My fiancée phonetically working through terminology to quiz me. Watching a friend at a talent show recite one of the most ridiculous monologues I have ever heard. Jokes and stories with the study group that got me where I am. Watching the ever evolving pre-test rituals of my classmates. The elated hugs and celebratory high fives after checking board scores. A dedicated professor staying after class or lab to answer the questions of a few students. The 5 am workout buddies that kept me committed and sane.

Any advice for upcoming students?

You are going into an incredibly diverse profession where your goal is to help your patients strive toward health. Learn all that you can about everything that you can, even if you feel it isn’t important or will not be a part of your future practice. You don’t yet fully understand what path you will take and the smallest piece of information can be life changing, for you or for your patients. This program is rigorous and will test your physical and mental stamina but it is incredibly rewarding. Accept the challenge, revel in the success and remember that someone is going to rely on you to know what is best for their body, arm yourself appropriately.

Travis Fahey

Travis Fahey, DC student, Tri-9

What made you chose to become a chiropractor?

It was a leap of faith really. After leaving the Army in 2007 I was a bit displaced trying to fit back into society. I didn’t really like where my life was going but I knew I wanted to help people. So I asked the lord to guide me and I accepted Chiropractic on blind faith. Thank goodness I did, because it was eventually revealed to me how truly amazing and rewarding this profession can be.

What led you to Parker University?

It basically came down to which school had the most ideal location for me. Although I’m from Indianapolis, I am not a fan of cold weather and I prefer a large city.

Words on being a scholarship winner and how this scholarship has helped you?

I have to thank two doctors, Dr. Clark Byroad and his wife Brenda, for awarding me the scholarship. They saw potential in me. Dr. Clark was the first person to tell me how important the philosophy of chiropractic is to becoming a successful chiropractor. He opened my eyes to the abundant possibilities that serving within the profession could provide.

What are your plans for the future?

I know this sounds crazy but I want to have the largest practice in the world. I want reach my fullest potential and take what I have been blessed with and impact more lives than I could ever imagine. I want to teach and lead fellow chiropractors and future chiropractors to reach their fullest potential and together who knows how far reaching our impact will be on the world.

Who has made the most impact on your career and how?

Some of the biggest mentors in my life are people that I’ve never met or are already dead. I listen and read a lot of Jim Sigafoose, Reggie Gold and Richard Santos. I also really like BJ’s works.

As far as people that are still alive, Chris Zaino has sort of been a mentor from afar for me. He’s a guy with one of the biggest practices in the history of the profession. He’s on purpose and he’s making a huge effort to help other chiropractors do what he’s doing.

Drs. Tim Young and Michael Buffington have had an incredible influence over my direction and clarity as a future chiropractor. Not only have they made tremendous impacts in their own communities, they are guys that stand firmly for what they believe in, can back it up and go to bat for this profession. With a lot of the old school chiropractors that really carried this profession along no longer here we really need chiropractors like Dr. Young and Dr. Buffington.