Residency in Diagnostic Imaging

Chiropractic radiology is a specialty within the chiropractic profession that concentrates its efforts in the area of imaging study interpretation. The program of instruction is a three (3) calendar year, full-time residency program which is specifically designed to prepare the resident to sit for examination by the American Chiropractic Board of Radiology (ACBR).

The Residency in Diagnostic Imaging (RDI) of Parker University provides advanced educational training to qualified, licensed Doctors of Chiropractic (DCs) in diagnostic imaging in accordance with the standards established by the American College of Chiropractic Radiology (ACCR) and the American Chiropractic Board of Radiology (ACBR). Our mission – develop competent, highly-skilled radiology professionals of the future.


Faculty and Residents


Christopher Petrie, DC, DACBR

Current Residents

Whitney Fuqua, DC

Jordan Bruce, DC


Wes Duvall, DC, DACBR

Christopher Smoley, DC, DACBR

Celia Maguire, DC, DACBR

Sandra Norton, DC, DACBR

Recommended Text

The following textbooks are recommended for applicants wishing to prepare for the entrance examination for the residency program:

Skeletal Radiology:
Essentials of Skeletal Radiology by Yochum and Rowe
Clinical Imaging by Dennis Marchiori (note: for MRI physics)

Thoracic Radiology:
Radiology of Chest Diseases by Sebastian Lange

Christensen’s Physics of Diagnostic Radiology by Curry, Dowdey, and Murry
Clinical Imaging by Dennis Marchiori (note: for MRI physics)

Recommended Textbooks

Application Materials

To complete an application select the documents below:

The materials provided are in PDF format and require that you have Adobe Acrobat Reader or other PDF reader installed on your machine. You may also request these forms by mail.

Print, read, and fill out the documents/applications and return to:

Dr. Christopher Petrie
Director, Residency in Diagnostic Imaging
Parker University
2540 Walnut Hill Lane, Suite E200
Dallas, TX 75229

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