Parker University Offers 5 Benefits of a Radiologic Tech Degree

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What exactly can I do with a degree in radiology, you ask?

To give you an idea, Parker University has put together the five top benefits of learning radiology tech. Keep reading to find out how this type of education can help give your career a jump start. Ready to take the first steps to making this healthcare career path work for you?

1. You’ll Be Prepared to Work as a Radiologic Technologist

Once you get a radiology technology degree, like an Associate of Applied Science with a major in Radiologic Technology, you can jump right into an entry-level job as a radiologic technologist. Without the degree, you’d have to start as a radiation technician.

2. You’ll Earn More and Have a More Interesting Job

Radiologic technologists start in the mid five figures when it comes to salary. A radiation technician earns less.

A radiation technician works with x-ray equipment only. But as a radiologic tech, you’ll be working with a lot more imaging equipment. The job will also involve management of radiation technicians and interactions with patients, other staff, physicians, and hospitals.

You’ll do a regular work week of 40 hours, but the work is always interesting and different. Work involves prepping equipment, but you’re also dealing with patients. You get to help their experience go smoothly and help them feel safe and comfortable.

You also have the opportunity to help evaluate the results of imaging, work with your team, and talk to physicians and other technologists, for example.

3. You’ll Have Options for the Future

Having this degree from Parker University sets you up to grow your career in a variety of directions in the field. You can go on to specialize in nuclear medicine, mammography, and radiation therapy for example.

You can also go on to be an MRI technologist to learn to do computed tomography (CT).

4. You’ll Be Well-Trained and Confident in Your Job

A good radiologic tech degree will give you the training you need so that you can do your job with confidence. You will get hands-on experience in clinical imaging centers, as well-as management and communication skills and training.

You’ll learn to work with patients and help make their lives better both by comforting them and knowing you’ll be giving their medical team the information they need to provide the best therapy.

5. You’ll Have a Great Support Foundation and Network

Getting a degree in an established educational institution like Parker University gives you the chance to meet other students and professionals. You can take these relationships into your career, as well.

You can help each other learn and then use these same skills to support each other on the job.

You will have expert credentialed teachers available for questions and support as well.

Is a Parker University Radiologic Tech Degree for You?

Now that you know the benefits of getting a radiologic tech degree, you can start looking into getting one yourself.

Give us a call to find out about Parker University’s radiologic tech program. We’re here to answer any questions and help you begin your path to the education you need to succeed in your chosen field of interest.