5 Little Known Facts About Chiropractic Schools

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There are over 50,000 chiropractors working in the United States today.

If you’re looking to become one, you have to attend a university that will give you the right education.

Because this field isn’t as well-known as other medical professions, many people have limited knowledge of chiropractic schools.

For that reason, we put together this list of five things you may not know about chiropractic programs that will help you decide if this is the right future for you.

1. The Oldest One is Over 100 Years Old

Many people may not realize just how old the chiropractic profession is. However, the first school of chiropractic medicine was established over 100 years ago, in 1897 by Daniel David Palmer.

He was also the first chiropractor and established the profession two years earlier when he improved the hearing of a janitor who had been hard-of-hearing after adjusting his back to alleviate his back pain.

2. It Takes Four Years to Complete

Despite what some people believe, learning to become a chiropractor is something that takes more than a year-long certification.

After completion of an undergraduate degree, you can enroll in chiropractic school. This graduate degree program takes an average of four years to complete.

The first two years focus on learning in a classroom setting whereas the second two years allow you to learn hands-on in a clinic setting so you will be provided with a well-rounded education and a complete knowledge of the human body.

3. You Can Build Lifelong Bonds

Because most chiropractic class sizes are smaller compared to those entering into other medical fields, it’s easy to get to know others in your class.

From there, alumni programs will help you find continuing education opportunities. This means you’re likely to see your classmates throughout the rest of your career.

4. They Focus on Natural Health

If you’re looking for a field of medicine that doesn’t rely on the use of pharmaceuticals to treat symptoms and illnesses, then chiropractic is the way to go.

In fact, from the time you enter school, you will learn a more holistic approach to medicine. You also won’t have to take all of the pharmaceutical classes taken by other medical professions, allowing you to focus on healing the body naturally.

5. How Many Chiropractic Schools Are There in the U.S?

Because of the many benefits throughout a rewarding career as a chiropractor, you may be surprised that there aren’t more schools available for students to choose from.

There are nearly 200 medical schools in the U.S. alone, but only 40 accredited chiropractic schools across the globe. About 20 of those chiropractic schools are in the U.S.

Ready to Apply to Chiropractic Schools?

Now you’re aware of the five things you may not have previously known about chiropractic schools. As you can see, attending one will provide you with a great start to an exciting career.

If you’re ready to take this leap towards your future, apply to Parker University today. We’re proud to be one of the few schools in the United States that offers a Doctor of Chiropractic program.