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Parker University is a not-for-profit, regionally accredited university that shares your passion and desire to help people achieve a higher level of health. Our award-winning faculty serves as our foundation. Highly qualified and respected professionals teach Science, business, education, and health-related disciplines.


With online and on-campus classes available in many of our programs, you can study and learn at your convenience.


Rich in chiropractic tradition, Parker University enjoys a world-renowned reputation as the premier institute in health and wellness.


We provide workshops and services to help students develop better study skills, learning strategies, time management, and more.

Earn a top-ranked accredited Degree and Advance Your Career

All programs are developed by renowned faculty who fully equip you to master your field and earn your full potential!

Doctor of Chiropractic

Our well-rounded chiropractic education puts an emphasis on business training. Students learn how to set up a successful practice, calculate finances, analyze performance statistics and develop patient acquisition plans.

Occupational Therapy

Start training in therapeutic procedures where students learn a variety of skills in our occupational therapy curriculum involving therapeutic clinical experience, adaptive equipment operation, skill assessments & treatments, and customized treatment programs.

Massage Therapy

Parker University’s Massage Therapy School features modern equipment and a peaceful environment to learn the science, philosophy, and art of massage therapy.

Diagnostic Sonography

Our students are prepared to capture potentially life-changing images—monitoring an unborn baby, aiding a doctor as they diagnose a condition, guiding a surgeon during surgical procedures, and much more.

Radiologic Technology

Lead health care forward with this degree track where you’ll learn the latest innovative techniques and evidence-based teachings. Our training takes place both in and out of the classroom to prepare you for entry into the diverse radiologic technologist profession.

Health Information Technology

Learn to analyze, code and protect vital health care information – an important element of any high-functioning health care operation. This fully online program prepares students with skills vital to providing quality patient care in today’s dynamic health care industry.

Health Care Management

A flexible, fully online Bachelor’s degree is at your fingertips. Our innovative program meets the needs of the growing health care industry, teaching advanced business strategies to enable our students to excel as business leaders.

Health Information Management

Learn to collect, integrate and analyze health care information to advance health care services and systems. Mastering the business side of health care systems uniquely prepares graduates to lead in the diverse health care field.


We prepare you with chiropractic techniques and knowledge gained from real world experiences.

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