Member, John Huston, MBA, Florida

John Huston

Huston has been a life-long educator, career advocate for student learning, and has dedicated extensive time and resources toward campus growth and development. He entered a career in higher education administration after receiving his MBA and was mentored through his educational journey on values and responsibilities. An educator should aspire to bring value to the student and foster a quality institution.

His path has been focused on building a strong institutional presence with a balance on development of student learning systems, campus growth through enhanced or new curriculum and ensuring institutional financial stability. His history includes student success program development in retention, understanding the value of gaining professional certification and giving recognition to faculty who continue to build stronger student centered curriculum delivery systems.

Huston has been a leader in career education having chaired both a national accrediting commission and the leading career college association. He was a pioneer in online education program delivery of regionally accredited colleges. During a long career as a college president, Huston developed a single campus institution into a strong five campus organization.

He has served as a member on six higher education boards and many local and regional association boards and committees. One of his proudest accomplishments is to have led the legislative lobbying effort to gain Iowa Student Grants for individuals attending Iowa career colleges.

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