About Parker

Parker University offers an experience unique to any other institution within the health care education arena: a combination of unparalleled standards in a community-focused environment. Add faculty and administration solely dedicated to your success as a student and it becomes clear why Parker is the best choice in health care higher education.


From the moment you step on the Parker campus, you know you are part of something special. A spirit of integrity, compassion, and love for humanity permeates the atmosphere. You are surrounded with others who value health and wellness, receptivity to growth and change, and a commitment to success and service. Your contributions to patient care are encouraged and fostered. You share company with some of the greatest minds in the field and develop a balance of natural healing arts, scientific thought, and philosophical principles.

Service & Standards

The Parker environment fosters a sense of belonging. It nurtures your development and promotes your achievements. Students, staff, and faculty are united in a pursuit of positive, forward progress.

You are not alone in your desire to serve – outstanding service is given in support of your efforts as admissions specialists work one-on-one with you through the entire process. World-renowned faculty and thought-leaders provide personal learning experiences. Upon graduation, professional development services are offered to help you thrive as a health care professional.
Parker University enjoys a world-renowned reputation as a premiere institution in health and wellness. The legacy began with Parker Seminars in 1951, and continued with the opening of the college in 1982, where we have been synonymous with health and wellness ever since.

A degree from Parker assures employers and health care patients that they were educated by leading health, technology, and business experts; Parker is an institution creating future health care, technology, and business professionals. Parker students adopt a dedication to service, healing, and helping others.

Learning Environment

Lecture podcasts, wireless capability throughout, and theater seating with full audio/visual support are crucial components to a Parker education. An advanced gross anatomy laboratory and development of a fully-integrated campus indicate our continued commitment to advancement. Parker clinical facilities house the most advanced tools, including innovations such as laser treatments and the latest developments in all aspects of natural health care.


The Parker Research Institute is a nationally recognized health research center providing scientific research and evidence in support of health and wellness. The Parker Research Institute has collaborated with such prestigious institutions as Yale, Oxford, and UT Southwestern Medical School, and growing relationships with international facilities.

Opportunities abound for you to actively participate in evidence-based research with one of the strongest research programs in the health care profession. You have assurance that an award-winning team works behind the scenes for the future success of the health care profession and for your own personal achievement.


The award-winning faculty serves as foundation for the educational excellence at Parker. Science, business, technology, education, and health-related disciplines are represented by highly-qualified professionals. Many faculty members are also esteemed public speakers who are highly sought-after for their insight and experience. Parker students learn from these professional leaders each and every day.

Student-oriented faculty are dedicated to providing you the finest, most consistent education. They encourage open communication – offering support and developing your personal voice and mission.