Security and Safety Information

Security Officers patrol the main campus 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The Creek Lot is patrolled by security from 7am to 6pm, Monday through Friday.

Security Office Location: 
2615 Electronic Ln Suite 102
Security Numbers
Campus Security 972-438-6932 ext. 7167
Security Cell Phone 214-902-3440

Emergency Number 7911
Extension Number 7167

Campus Parking Maps
Evacuation and Assembly Points (.pdf, 52K)

Crime Statistics
Monthly Crime Statistics
2011 Monthly Crime Statistics (.pdf, 38K)
2012 Monthly Crime Statistics.pdf (.pdf, 78K)
2013 Monthly Crime Statistics (.pdf, 71K)
2014 Monthly Crime Statistics (.pdf, 32K)

3 Year Crime Statistics
2011-2014 Crime Statistics (.pdf, 87K)

Safety Reports
Crime Classifications
2011 Crime Classifications (.pdf, 31K)
2012 Crime Classifications (.pdf, 61K)
2013 Crime Classifications (.pdf, 60K)
2014 Crime Classifications (.pdf, 66K)

Daily Crime Logs
2013 Daily / Crime Log (.pdf, 82K)
2014 Daily / Crime Log (.pdf, 46K)

Parking Rules & Regulations

All students, faculty, and staff parking a motor vehicle on campus are required to register their vehicle. A parking permit will be assigned to the owner and affixed to the passenger side lower corner of the front windshield.

All students, spouses, dependents, faculty, and staff parking on any property owned or otherwise controlled by Parker University are subject to parking regulations.

Students can register their vehicles at registration or within twenty-four hours of parking the vehicle on campus. If unable to do so, the student may pick up a temporary permit from the cashiers office until a permit can be obtained. During Registration, a student may register all vehicles whether or not he/she plans to drive them on campus.

Faculty and staff may obtain a parking permits in the Human Resource Department. Vehicles must be registered on the first day of employment. The permit is valid for the period of employment.

Thirty minute parking spaces are available on the west and east side of campus. Registration of motorcycles is required, but the parking permits are not mandatory.

More than 1200 parking spaces are available on campus for students, staff, patients, and visitors in well-lit areas, including spaces patrolled by 24-hour security.

Parking Permits

Parking Permits can be obtained in the Cashiers Office.

Permit Colors
  • Blue - Undergrads, Trimester I and II students receives a blue parking permit for the Creek lot.
  • Yellow - Trimester III students and above receives a yellow parking permit for the Main Campus.
  • Green - Dallas Outpatient Interns will be issued a green parking permit to park along the south fence line up to the southwest gate.
  • White - Massage School students will be issued a white parking permit.

Only students who are Class Presidents or Student Senate Executive Committee members may park in the Student Senate parking spaces.

Replacement of a Parking Permit
If a parking permit is damaged, lost, or stolen a replacement can be obtained in the Cashiers Office. The replacement permit must be obtained within twenty-four hours of the vehicle being parked on university property.

Temporary Parking Permit
A temporary parking permit may be obtained in the Cashiers Office. This permit allows an individual who has a temporary vehicle to park on campus for a short period of time. Handicapped Permit

If a student, visitor or employee has acquired a handicap permit from the state, this is all that is required. However, a staff doctor approval may be required if the handicapped permit is needed for a short period of time.

Spouse or Dependent Parking
When parking at one of the Health Care Centers, a spouse/significant other must obtain a permit at the front desk of the respective clinic. The student /significant other may obtain a permit up to one week in advance. Students are held responsible for any and all violations.

Parking Cost
The parking fee for students is $25 per trimester (bicycles are excluded). The first replacement is free, however, an additional replacements is $5 each.