Alumni & Friends: Serve In Your Own Community

Parker University is encouraging our alumni and friends all over the world to create their own acts of loving service on Friday, September 18. Join in by volunteering your time to make a difference in your community.

Ready to commit? Complete the form below letting us know how you’ll be participating in your own community! We’ll in turn send you a template press release for your use – something that you can simply drop in your organization’s name and contact information and submit to local media outlets. We encourage you to take pictures and create videos to put on your own website and social media outlets.

Please use #ParkerServes to help light up social media on the day of the event!

After the big event on September 18, we’ll reach out to you again to collect your images and videos. We’ll be creating a video montage of all of the service activities worldwide to share on numerous platforms, including our website, social media, and more. We want to make sure we can demonstrate your efforts! Be sure to send us your photos, video, and success stories after the event!

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